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3 Solutions to Market Your Book Online Using Blog Articles Today

One client asked me whether her blog article should relate to her business website? A great question by the way. My answer?

Yes! Your blog posts serve an important purpose in your book and business marketing. They should serve and bring only your target audience to your site where you offer your books, products, and services. Why would you want lookie loos, who have no interest in your topic to come to your site? They won’t stay awhile and they won’t buy for sure.

The problem? Many authors just setup a website with a platform that features their expertise in a particular area.

Focus is always the advice I give to people who want to sell more books, programs, or services.

Solution! Think about your primary audience who reads your blog.

Your reader who enjoys one article on web copy will likely be interested in further information on this topic. Your readers want more of you and will come back and revisit your site the more you share. This is what your want! Eventually, they may buy from you.

Most audiences are looking for information to help them in life and business. It may as well be yours.

For instance, if your site’s focus is on web copy coaching, then your blog posts should be about web copy and related topics, such as…

  • your web sales funnel
  • your philosophy on web copy
  • web sales letters
  • benefits of great web copy
  • and web writing mistakes and solutions

You can create 100′s of related posts!

The Problem? Many authors cannot find a focus and do not know which topics best serve their visitors.

Solution! Ask yourself which blog posts are being read and commented on the most.

Check your web stats and Google Analytics to see which ones get the most hits! And how many visitors from those pages sign up for your site’s free ongoing juicy information on your topic?

The problem? Many starting bloggers write articles with mixed topics.

What your blog post says tells Google what your site is about. If you mix topics, then Google will rank your pages higher for your target audience and you will lose potential sales and business.

Solution! Stay on topic and keep each blog post focused on a specific niche.

With each blog post you write, work toward establishing yourself as an expert in that niche. If you are not already an expert, you will become one by consistently writing articles on all aspects of your niche. Then your pages will get the Google bump and start bringing in new visitors.

And think of your new unique visitors coming over and over again to your site. After they trust you, you will see a big increase in sales.

Yes, it takes more effort to write consistently on one topic, but the payoffs are worth it!

How are your blog posts working? What questions do you have for me on your blog posts?

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  • Katina Vaselopulos

    Great article Judy!
    Waiting for my website that my puplishing company set for me. Scared and excited!
    My book is about life as a journey with many intermittent small ones: the ups and downs, joys and hurdles, falls and triuphs, beauty, nature, love, responsibility, being in the moment, values,Greek ideals, connenting to self and the divine .
    2 question, please:
    Do you think naming my site JOURNEYS or LIFE’S INCREDIBLE JOURNEYS would be proper?
    Can I write blogs about all the topics am writing about, asking readers to ponder on ideas and questions posted?
    I Thank you in advance!

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Katina, Glad you got value from this article. I’m just now coaching a gal on her sales copy for her website. I hope yours turns out great. Remember to write a page on who your primary audiene is before you put up web pages. This is what focuses you and your site to serve one best audience.

    Blogs can reach other audiences and bring them to your site.

    What’s your site’s purpose? I have new report on website writing just out for my clients. may work.

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