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7 Tips for Book and Business Marketing with a Blog

Want a lot more book sales? Want your business to stand out from the crowd? A blog, one of the best content marketing techniques, can give you much higher results than you ever imagined. It helps you build a following, build a reputation as the go to person in your field, and make increased book sales!

The most important thing to remember is to write at least two entries a week. Make your posts compelling, professional, and inviting. Remember to ask people to leave their opinions, and get some buzz going. If you are an author, post points or tips that relate to your book. If you are a service business, give how to’s that you also give as a consultant or coach.

How Can You Keep your Blog Fresh?

Look at other places or blogs in your field to gain ideas. My favorite is joining LinkedIn groups that relate to your expertise. These people post discussions that they want info on. So, it makes sense to stay abreast of these, and comment as often as you can with useful tips. These discussions or news articles keep my blog alive with always up-to-the-minute good information on about book writing, self-publishing, and book and business online marketing.

And, when people are ready, they will contact you for specific help from your books, teleseminars and coaching.

What are the 7 Rules of Blogs?

1. Keep improving your blog.

Get educated with books and take teleseminars. Get a short phone social media coaching session for feedback to see if you’re on the right track.

2. Make sure your content arouses a discussion.

Ask questions at the end of the blog. Elicit opinions that keep it fresh.

3. Keep it simple.

Do what you can, and if your blog needs some graphics, or style, contact a webmaster who does this kind of work. You’d only need him/her for a few sessions.

4. Hire a professional person who is also a writer to give you feedback.

One comment that helped me was to keep the blog entries short and to the point. I’d say from 300-900 words.

Many pros offer short term coaching and consultations.

5. Respond to any comment that is relevant to the blog post.

This will keep your readers coming back so they will subscribe to your site and stay informed on what’s new.

6. Commit to a particular amount of time to make your blog get more readers.

I write blog entries 2-3 days a week for about 2 hours of creation time. I wait a day or two to submit after I get feedback by a professional business writer like myself. To some people, typos make your writing worth a lot less.

7. Comment on a discussion or news article on any LinkedIn group you belong to.

Get other comments through an email right to your door and choose to respond to the ones you can add good information to. Then, leave a benefit-driven blurb and link to your blog article when it’s appropriate.

You may be thinking, this is too much work or time. You are mistaken. Think of this as an investment to get a much bigger amount of your particular market to your website where your other offers are. Your sales funnel is all important!

Think that the whole is always more than the sum of its parts, so as you build each part of your promotion platform, results will be so much larger than you thought. For myself, the minute the blog went up and I marketed it in these ways, my number of target web visitors went up each month, and is still growing according to my Google Analytics numbers.

It’s consistency that counts. You are building a body of work that will eventually impress your market. Clients may not come right away. Some take 2 years to get to know you and trust you.

To showcase your skills don’t let your blog die-just because not many came come to it. Blog numbers often build slowly and naturally, unless your site already ranks high with Google and other search engines.

If you have a question, need advice, or have another great tip to add to this blog, feel free. It stimulates me and my blog readers to keep this blog book marked as a great resource to business people who write to market themselves and their books.

Do you like your results from blogging? Brag on it right here!

Judy Cullins, 25-year book coach and author of “LinkedIn Marketing” and “Write your eBook Or Other Short Book Fast” says that when you want information on her half hour feedback for your blog and social media:

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  • nimat


    Thank you for sharing the marketing/book blog information. I just started blogging yesterday. Not sure how it all works yet. And Im also not sure if others can read what I have written. It takes some time getting use to the logistics of blogging. So, I really appreciate what you have written, as it will help me frame my perspective of how blogging can function.

  • David Newby

    Very nice advice Judy. Thank you for this post

  • Trinda Latherow

    Nice to meet and make a connection. All very true, Judy, as I have done just that and the number of hits increased dramatically. Bloggers have to keep their sites current and invite feedback or it becomes static and soon forgotten. Another important point is to keep our blog posts relevant to our expertise. A famous writer once said to write of what you know, be the expert in which others come to you. We do this by continuing to learn and grow ourselves, and if we don’t know the answer to a question or comment, refer them to someone who does. Referrals in this way come back ten-fold and makes for a win-win-win situation. Good luck everyone, and if you enjoy writings of a more spiritual nature, I would invite you to visit my blog at

  • Andrew

    Can you recommend a resource for having a blog made?

  • avantgaard

    Thank you for all the positive advice and for sharing your ideas on how to create, maintain and improve our blogs.

  • Judy Cullins

    David and Nimat: You welcome! To get these free social media posts automatically in your email each week,, be sure to sign up at__

  • Judy Cullins

    Trinda, You said what I profess and give how to's in my latest book, LInkedin Marketing. Ch 6 has all the blog information one needs for full success. I'm a firm believer in writing for one target audience at a time. That's why my traffic has gone up so much-and those who come to my site see lots of updated info each week. Take a look at the category on social media at

  • Judy Cullins

    Andrew, What I did was hire my web guy to put up my word press blog. After that, I write all the content and he posts it for me. Would you like an email for him? Let me know.
    And, to get all my wisdom each week, be sure to join my site at

  • Judy Cullins

    Avantgaard, Glad you came to my site to get this info. You can get these social media tips in your email each week to help you market what your want to. What are you marketing?

  • Judy Cullins

    Avantgaard, I just saw this question! RE: I am a bit confused when you say you use keywords that search engines love. Can you elaborate a bit please?

    ____Short Answer: Each time I write a blog, book, or article title, I consider the key words that Google will pay attention to. They list your blog title url soon after you post! The more they like it, the higher your ranking in Google for that particular blog post. ____For instance, for blogging I use these:____blog marketing ( most popular-high competition) 74000 mo. searching__business blog marketing ( low competition) 2400 mo. searching____I do research and then make lists to have at my keyboard when I write anything! You can too!____

    Sure hope this helps answer your question!

  • avantgaard


    Please explain how you conduct a search like that.

    I have been writing and using titles that give a hint of what the blog is about.

  • Christina Walker

    Enter the following search query in google: "google adwords keyword tool"
    Click on the first natural listing. This is Google's reverse search tool, where you can enter a potential keyword (the name of your product, a keyword you want to rank for, etc.) and it will list related keywords with their competition level (low, medium, high) and approximate monthly search volume. It has plenty of searching and sorting tools to help you find the best and most keywords.
    Happy keyword hunting!

  • Robert Medak

    Great tips, Judy. Another one is:

    When creating content for your blog, always strive to improve your content.

  • Judy Cullins

    Nimat, glad you found value in this piece What are your marketing?

  • Judy Cullins

    Yes, thank you Robert! I am constantly rewriting my own work. Improving, updating, truncating. The game changes so much on the Web you have to.

  • Judy Cullins

    avantgaard, I suggest you book a half hour session witrh me for $55 to choose some main key words, then go to Google adwords and choose the less ompetititve ones and use these in all titles, even book titles!

    Glad you like this post! I write them because I must! It's in my bones. And I pay attention to key words and use in titles when I can. I'm still learning, so you can always share a tip here with me or at my LInkedin group at

  • Caroline Lawrence

    I want to get my blog posts going with my ebook” Happy Foot Healing Hot Tips”, as would love to get more sales , and help my readers to leave a review. Any suggestions would be grateful, thanks Judy
    Value all you write, Kind regards, Caroline

  • Judy Cullins

    Caroline, Sounds like you’re ready for some strategy coaching for blogs. See my social media ones at

    Only $55

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