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Create Wellness, Clarity, and Peace of Mind Through Seven Ways to Be
in the Present Moment

Judy Cullins, M.A.

  1. First, close your eyes, be in a comfortable setting. Ask yourself, "I wonder what my next thought will be. Then become alert and wait for the next thought. Like a cat watching a mouse hole--what thought will come out of the hole? In this intense presence, you are free of thought.
  2. Inhabit your body fully. Feel it from within. Body awareness keeps you present. Breathe in to each body part for thirty seconds from top to bottom. Feel the oneness.
  3. Be present throughout your day. Ask yourself every hour or so, "Am I at ease this moment? What's going on inside now?
  4. Surrender to what is. This is not giving up, passive, or failing to rise to life's challenges. Surrender is the profound wisdom of yielding rather than opposing the flow of life. (in the now) Would you rather be right or happy? Accept this moment unconditionally without reservation. When you surrender, it frees you from mind identification (that ego keeps trying) and thus reconnects you with Being, your true self.
  5. Stop all minor and major judgments. When you judge, compete, are determined, it's the ego--an unconscious compulsion to destroy others or yourself. It can lead to violence of a larger kind too.
  6. Be willing to drop your resistances and choose what's whole and healthy and best for you now. Put your full attention on now.
  7. Stop keeping unhappiness and stress alive by giving it time. Don't name your disease. Where do those names come from? Have you been diagnosed with a dis-ease? Are you sure it's true? Love your body, accept it every minute and you will surprised at what discomforts lessen or even leave.


You know you are in the present and have surrendered to it when you start feeling free of problems or illness, lighter, more clear and deeply at peace.



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