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Welcome professional speakers and coaches! Whether you're just thinking about writing a book or have begun, please remember the four greatest benefits you'll manifest for sharing your unique, useful message with the world. You will:

1. Expand your credibility as the expert.
2. Increase your lifelong, passive income stream.
3. You will join the top 10% of professions.
4. Share your needed and wanted message with thousands rather than hundreds of others.


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"Just to let you know, I followed one simple suggestion in your book Ten Non-techie Ways to Market Your Book Online. I clicked on "Submit article - professional women." I emailed an ezine for women lawyers and lo and behold, they would like an article on careers! It is SO nice to get solid info I can use instead of the usual hype."

Cathy Goodwin
Career Coach

Thomas Leonard of Coachville.com likes Judy's articles: "Read today's issue of the Coaching Scoop featuring Judy Cullins and "Sell More Books With a Powerful Back Cover," where she explains the often overlooked impact the back cover of a book can have on its sales. In this column, she explores the biggest mistakes and best solutions to designing a powerful back cover."
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Susan's Tips
©2003 Susan Levin

Tip One.
Always write your own introduction, e-mail it ahead of time to the introducer and bring it with you too.
Type it in 18 point and triple space it, bold or underline the words you want emphasized.

Tip Two.
When you accept a speaking engagement use a pre program questionnaire so that you can customize for each group you speak too. Ask the program chair or meeting planner to answer your questions. Ask questions like: What are the most important changes happening in your industry or company? What three key points do you want stressed in my talk? .....


http://speakerservices.com is an online directory since '94 for speakers to connect with meeting planners and program chairs. Our services include: Speaker Marketing, Presentation/Public Skills and Branding Coaching, Seminars, Video Demo Showcase in LA, audio tapes and books. Call Susan Levin, 10 minute Free consultation,
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Susan Levin, publisher/owner
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©2003 Sandra Schrift

1. Nervousness is fear of failure. Here is the secret of conquering anxiety. Become message-centered and audience-centered, not self-centered. Stop thinking of yourself, and start thinking of your message.

2. If you are thoroughly prepared, your internal nervousness seldom shows. Prepare 150%.

3. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Talk out loud, and walk around while you practice. Use the same physical energy you plan to use on the day of your presentation. Practice in the car. If you can concentrate while driving, you will be able to pull it from your unconscious when are you in front of the group. Make your points sound off-the-cuff and conversational.

4. Don't be perfect - give yourself permission to make mistakes. People are not perfect in real life.

5. Remember, you want to be nervous. It can be a positive reaction. You don't want to eliminate the butterflies in your stomach; you want to get them to fly in formation. When that happens, you will have converted your stress into speaking power!

6. Most of all - enjoy yourself and have fun.

Coach Sandra Schrift
619-688-9667 fax
email: [email protected]

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