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What if you could get all the targeted web visitors you wanted, all the clients you wanted, and all the book sales you wanted? With... No cost. No selling. No expensive Google ads or pay-per-click plans. No telephone cold or warm calls. No seminars, travel, or panty hose. No closing. No hard-to-learn techie ways.

It's no secret that millionaires using the internet and swear by article marketing. And they've just scratched the surface. With my program, you get the Golden Egg-from the Mentor who has walked the talk and won for 8 years.

This one is for you in the 5% club. You are serious in updating your online marketing so you get a lot more traffic, clients, and opt-in subscribers. This package's value adds up to $425. Until Feb 14, it's only $199.95. You business people know this is a great value.

What's Included in This $425+ Value Package...

3 Books

  • Advanced Article Marketing Web 2.0 Updated Secrets
  • Advanced Article Marketing - Nine Mistakes and How to Solve Them
  • 20 Top High-Traffic Web Sites to Submit to


  • "Increase Your Website Traffic and Build Client Base with Keywords Tool"
  • "Avoid Writing Sins: Write Like a Pro Checklist"
  • "How to Get More Out of HubPages"
  • "Make Money With Articles: Market Your Book or Optimize Your Website - Write a Tip in 30 Minutes"
  • How to Create Your Best Article Resource Box"
  • "Top Seven Lessons Learned in Article Marketing"
  • "Top 10 Ways to Get Your Potential Clients to Respond to Your Email"
  • "Top Ten Checklist for Your Sales Letter"
  • "Tip - Seven Top Things to Know Before You Contact Your Webmaster"
  • "Distribute Your Self Published Book"


  • Coaching 1/2 hour or Teleseminar
  • One full article critique via email
  • $199.95

    Benefits of Creating Your Opt Mailing List and More!

  • Optimize your website for maximum sales.
  • Reach 1000's and more of your target market each article.
  • Market straight from you office. That means no panty hose, no travel, no parking, even no shoes!
  • Drive hundreds, even 1000's a day of unique visitors to your website.
  • Don't have to spend big dollars. It's basically free except for what you pay your VA or webmaster.
  • Don't have to cold call or warm call.
  • Put you up-to-date with the interactive Web 2.0 marketing to replace static Web 1.0.
  • Invest far less time promoting online with articles than traditional ways.
  • Don't have to chase sales; you attract your niche market by the articles.
  • Reach your audience where they gather - Online!
  • Use pull, not push marketing at its viral best.
  • Improve the number of incoming / back links pointing to your web site - search engines love text / anchor links which increase your page rank.
  • Boost your free targeted web site traffic, sales, RSS feeds, and newsletter opt-ins.
  • Position you as an "expert," become a recognized authority in your field.

  • Praise from Clients who Applied Judy's Article Marketing Research

    "Judy is a skilled, caring professional who gives expert advice on book writing, (including e-books) and gives business coaching on article writing and marketing on the web to drive consumers to your site. She is personable, reliable and is easy to work with. I highly recommend Judy to those seeking to succeed in self-publishing. She has helped me immensely and am able to proceed in marketing my new e-book and print book with confidence."
    Rosalie Moscoe, RHN, RNCP
    Frazzled Hurried Woman! Your Stress Relief Guide to Thriving, Not Merely Surviving
    "I don't have to do the research time to find good sites to submit articles to and this saves me a lot of time. Judy also shows how to write effective articles that will get published. Article marketing will give you a big jump in traffic and subscribers."
    Leva Duell
    "Article marketing works!! Its working for me. For the last couple of months, I've been submitting weekly articles to top ezine directories. When I looked at my web stats I was surprised to see that over 80% of visitors to my web site are from people reading my articles..."
    Ntathu Allen
    Returning Home
    "As usual, Judy Cullins is ahead of the curve. Her package Advanced Article Marketing eProgram is great because her advice is great. I received calls from huge banks, schools and insurance businesses wanting to publish my articles to send to their clients."
    Joanne Victoria
    Vision With a Capital V - Create the Business of Your Dreams
    "Thank you Judy for writing Advanced Article Marketing Web 2.0 Secrets Updated Secrets. Eager to share my book with the world, I appreciate your direct and no-nonsense approach to internet book marketing and coaching. Your book coaching expertise has helped me channel my expertise into a book format that is powerful and professional. In only two months, I accomplished what might take others years!"
    Amirah Hall
    GET Better LOVE and MORE of IT!

    100% Money Back Guarantee!

    After you've read and tried the techniques, if you are not happy with the skills and tools this book has given you, you can return it within 90 days directly to me - no questions asked.

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