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“Article marketing has changed. Learn how to zoom your book and business to high profits!”

How to Sell A lot More Books and Get New Clients with Article Marketing

Teleseminar w/ Judy Cullins

Mp3 Recording and Book Package

Known as “The Article Lady,” Judy has become an industry leader with this #1 Internet promotion for Selling Books and Gaining Clients.

Get Answers for these questions…

  1. Why is article marketing so powerful compared to other types of marketing?
  2. How can I avoid costly mistakes to get much higher visibility, build my opt-in website database, get an additional 150 unique visitors a day for my small business, and convert sales to match?
  3. Why are keywords, resource boxes and duplicate content so important?
  4. How can I update an article or write a new one with these new strategies?
  5. What kind of article gets the best results?
  6. How can I streamline my article marketing project for a small investment?
  7. How can I measure my article marketing results? What’s working and what’s not?

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Where are you now? You…

  • haven’t tried Article Marketing because you have trepidation, it’s too techie, too time consuming, and has a learning curve?
  • wrote and submitted 4-10 articles to ezines, but got few results?
  • didn’t quite get it and stopped your article marketing early on?
  • feel your website isn’t converting and selling what you want?
  • believe your website has a low number of unique visitors?
  • are doing well, but want to up level profits and clients?
  • know your article marketing submission company isn’t working?
  • Just remember, with a consistent writing and submitting schedule to only one or two high traffic article directories and blogs, you will spend half the time you did before. And learning Judy’s wisdom about the 3 Big Article changes will put you on the fast track to online marketing success.

    Now You Can Do it Too with Many Benefits for You in this Program!

  • Brand yourself as the savvy expert in your field.
  • Sell more products than ever before.
  • Discover the secrets to getting people to read your articles and visit your web site.
  • Attract 100’s, even 1000’s of your target audience to your web site-each day.
  • Get high money results at zero or little cost.
  • Market your business easily and effortlessly with no travel and wardrobe.
  • Attract other partners who will share their lists with you in joint ventures.
  • Leverage your twitter tweets with your article URLs.
  • Build your database for your other ongoing opt-in email marketing.

  • What Experts Say…

    “Advanced Article Marketing” Package by BookCoach Judy Cullins is chock full of tips, tools, and online blogs and opt-in ezine publisher resources (alone worth the price of the book). Follow Judy’s updated success system for writing and submitting articles will win you sales by building credibility, trust and continual contact.”
    Dan Poynter
    The Self-Publishing Manual
    “Judy, article marketing works!! I know you know that and it works for you. but now it’s working for me. For the last couple of months, I’ve been submitting weekly articles to top ezine directories. When I looked at my web stats (did that for this first time yesterday) I was surprised to see that over 80% of visitors to my web site are from people reading my articles about yoga. A real ‘light bulb’ moment. Thanks for this hands on coaching.”
    Ntathu Allen
    Returning Home
    “Judy Cullins is THE article marketing pro who walks her talk. Judy streamlines article marketing as no one else. Not only did Judy introduce me to article marketing that I use for my blogs and affiliate programs, she saved me hours of tedious research. She changes when the web demands and It’s all in her Article Marketing 3-Book Special. Judy’s book package helps me optimize my site even better than beforehand gets me targeted web visitors each day. It helps newbies with step-by-step how-to’s. You can trust Judy because she walks the talk.”
    Leva Duell
    “Judy Cullins is the go to person for writing your book and marketing it with articles. She helped me some years ago to pre-sell my book before it was printed. Genius I say. I have hired Judy over the years and now she helped me update a new site for business coaching for corporate team building. We created three sales letters. With a brainstorming style she takes the ho-hum copy and with me, and turns it into powerful copy. She knows all kinds of marketing, and stands out from the crowd. Her warm humor keeps me going when I get stressed or discouraged. I urge you to contact Judy if you are moving on an important business writing or book project. She delivers!”
    Jeanne Sharbuno
    52 Ways to Live Success—From the Inside Out

    What’s Inside this Package

    1. Judy’s article marketing coaching teleseminar with 10 years of experience and success (worth $130 a session)
    2. AAM Updated Secrets 3 Book Special (sells for $99.95). Includes eBooks…
      1. Advanced Article Marketing Web 2.0 Updated Secrets
      2. Advanced Article Marketing – Nine Mistakes and How to Solve Them
      3. 20 Top High-Traffic Web Sites to Submit to
    3. Includes 12 Bonus Reports…
      1. “How I Grew my Business with Twitter and Other Social Networks”
      2. “How to Market Your Book and Business with Twitter and Social Networking”
      3. “Increase Your Website Traffic and Build Client Base with Keywords Tool”
      4. “Avoid Writing Sins: Write Like a Pro Checklist”
      5. “How to Get More Out of HubPages”
      6. “Make Money With Articles: Market Your Book or Optimize Your Website – Write a Tip in 30 Minutes”
      7. How to Create Your Best Article Resource Box”
      8. “Top Seven Lessons Learned in Article Marketing”
      9. “Top 10 Ways to Get Your Potential Clients to Respond to Your Email”
      10. “Top Ten Checklist for Your Sales Letter”
      11. “Tip – Seven Top Things to Know Before You Contact Your Webmaster”
      12. “Distribute Your Self Published Book”
    4. AAM Action Guide (worth $14.95)

    That’s an astounding value of $245!

    Now at the BIG discount of only $59.95!

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    With Enthusiastic Service,

    Judy Cullins

    P.S. I am so confident that what I have to offer is outstanding and does get amazing results, I give you a full guarantee on the quality of the training and materials you receive. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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