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Advanced Article Marketing (AMM) Achievers’
3-Meeting Coaching Event With Judy Cullins

Meets up to 90 minutes from 4PM PST. When: September 10, 17, & 24 2008.

Known as "The Article Lady," Judy has become an industry leader with this #1 Internet promotion for Selling Books and Gaining Clients.

Whether you are an author, coach, speaker or other entrepreneur, you can now get all the steps to marketing your book and business with the upcoming 3-Meeting Coaching called "Article Marketing Has Changed:- How to Zoom your Book and Business to High Profits."

To entice you further to come to the 3-Meeting Interactive, hands on Coaching on Sept 10, 17, and 24, 2008, learning all the latest up-to-the minute skills, tools and techniques to Optimize our website and Optimize the power of your articles (hint-write less and get more) I offer this...

Added Value

You, you will get in addition to the 8 Bonus Reports on Web 2.0 Article Marketing Updated Secrets, a workbook and guide to keep learning after the call. These alone have a $50 value.

More Added Value

You will Receive a Special Bonus of a 30 minute one-on-one coaching session with me personally. You can get the exact information and resources for your specific needs to spur your article marketing success.

You already know the value you get with my coaching and now you can get the 3 small group coaching for only $299 that's $100 a session with only 10 people on the call. Now, this package includes a $100 one on one coaching call with me (worth $100) and all the other bonuses worth over $100. That's less than 1/2 price.

I am so confident that what I have to offer is outstanding and does get amazing results, I give you a full guarantee on the quality of the training and materials you receive. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Take action now before the last 4 spaces fill up. And get your bonus coaching 4th session with Judy, always on top of the latest way to market well with ease.

Where Are You Now? You…

  • Haven’t tried Article Marketing because you have trepidation, it’s too techie, too time consuming, and has a learning curve?

  • Wrote and submitted 4-10 articles to ezines, but got few results?

  • Didn’t quite get it and stopped your article marketing early on?

  • Your website isn’t converting and selling what you want?

  • Your website has a low number of “unique visitors?”

  • You’re doing well, but want to uplevel profits and clients?

  • Your article marketing submission company isn’t working?

  • Now You Can!

    Many Benefits for You in this Program

  • Brand yourself as the savvy expert in your field.

  • Sell more products than ever before.

  • Discover the secrets to getting people to read your articles and visit your web site.

  • Attract 1000's of your target audience to your web site-each day.

  • Get high money results at zero or little cost.

  • Market your business easily and effortlessly with no travel and wardrobe.

  • Attract other partners who will share their lists with you in joint ventures.

  • Expand your articles to print, in books, and on 1000's, even hundreds of thousands of web sites with links back to your site (optimizing Web 2.0)

  • Build your database for your other ongoing opt-in email marketing.

  • Get synergistic results. Learn from others on each call as well as Judy Cullins, The Article Lady.

  • "Judy, article marketing works!! I know you know that and it works for you. but now its working for me. For the last couple of months, I’ve been submitting weekly articles to top ezine directories. When I looked at my web stats (did that for this first time yesterday) I was surprised to see that over 80% of visitors to my web site are from people reading my articles..

    I found that amazing. The fact “strangers” read the article and clicked on web link. Articles and my newsletter are the only regular marketing/writing I do. So, that has really spurred me on to sit down and get my e-books, special reports written and up and running. It feels a lovely way to share what I love and earn money. Simple!! It always feels good the 'light bulb' clicks. Thank you for your coaching and books."

    Ntathu Allen
    Returning Home

    Great value price $299.95
    (total value $350, saving $50)

    Click below to order securely through PayPal now

    Your payments are secure and 100% encrypted for credit cards online!

    Special Reports and eBook Included Valued at $50!

    Sent directly to you from Judy.

  • "Best Keywords - Samples and Resources for Your Web 2.0 Articles"
  • "Avoid Writing Sins: Write Like a Pro Checklist"
  • "Web 2.0 Article Marketing FAQ"
  • "Guide to Google Keywords Tool"
  • eBook Web 2.0 Article Marketing Strategies and Secrets (sent after session one)
  • More Benefits in the Sept 10, 17 and 24 2008 Coaching Sessions

    Session One. W September 10, 2008 4PM PST
    "How to Begin and Setup Your AA Marketing Money Making Machine"


  • Get high web traffic and top Google/Alexa Ratings Naturally.
  • Why writing short articles beats all other online marketing.
  • Learn how to leverage your article writing from 1-4 or more.
  • Network with other AAM Achievers on the calls and by email.
  • Get started with your keyword list to optimize your articles.
  • Discover how your “writing sins” deny your readers clear, concise and compelling, yet easy to read information they will cherish.
  • Allow this game to be fun and easy.
  • Introduction: Each person introduces self, book title and business name, and #1 marketing challenge you have. We will all write each other’s emails down and keep track of them in a folder called “Advanced Article Marketing Achievers.”

    1. Judy presents why article marketing is so powerful over other programs.

    2. Judy discusses “writing sins” and how to turn them into professional writing that hooks your reader to want more.

    3. Judy gives how to’s on writing a winner article that is “keyword” rich and how to parlay 1 article into 4 or more.

    4. Judy discusses Article Marketing Mistakes and how to solve them.

    5. Judy presents "enthusiastic goal setting" (it doesn't matter where you start; it matters where you end up!).

    Mistakes include stopping the marketing after writing half a dozen articles, not believing there's enough time to do this so it works, hiring article blasters that may lose you your Google status because they didn't submit to your targeted market and their programs actually slow the promotion down, and not knowing Judy's "Streamlined Submission" secrets.

    "Advanced Article Marketing” Package by BookCoach Judy Cullins is chock full of tips, tools, and online blogs and opt-in ezine publisher resources (alone worth the price of the book). Follow Judy's updated success system for writing and submitting articles will win you sales by building credibility, trust and continual contact.”

    -Dan Poynter
    The Self-Publishing Manual

    Fieldwork Before Session 1. Start a list of keywords and phrases your visitors would put into Google to get information on your topic. Tip: brainstorm with associates of like mind and topic. Visit sites in your subject and creatively borrow keywords. (They aren’t copywrited!) Keep your keyword file in folder with your articles to submit, so you can access it easily. You can handwrite a first keyword list too. They are different for each article, so choose carefully to get the most Google spider’s attention. (Judy includes a bonus report "Best Keywords - Samples and Resources" when you register)

    Judy introduces High Level Activites (HLA) importance for consistent sales. Write out a goal for your article marketing and share among the attendees on the call for Session Two. Sample: My monthly sales are up 15% within 6 months (name the date) by consistently submitting articles to top sites and blogs. Then write 2-3 HLAs into each day in your organizer. Judy will give you ideas for that.

    Note: Remember you are responsible for getting the most you can out of each session, so be sure to participate in the fieldwork each time.

    Fieldwork: Judy asks each attendee to write 1 article of 500-800 words to email to fellow coaching mates and Judy for feedback within the first week. She will email the email list to you after session one.

    Note: How to Give Feedback on Articles to Your Fellow Achievers...

    Don’t get fancy with color coding. Just put grammar help in parentheses near the “writing sin.” Put your name and give your overall comments at the top. Please include your email inside and at the top of each article you send to us to make it easy to return it promptly. You may submit 1 more for next session if you wish. (Receive bonus report on writing sins and solutions right after you register for this 3-Meeting Coaching event)

    Session Two. W. September 17, 2008 4PM PST
    "How to Accelerate Article Production with Web 2.0 and Streamline Submissions"


  • Know Judy’s ways to accelerate article production big time.
  • Discover up-to-the minute web changes to know. Think Web 2.0.
  • Set goals where you are now and where you’ll be in 6 months. (law of intention)
  • Incorporate High Level Activities Daily. (law of attention)
  • Get hands on coaching and leave with articles and places ready to submit to.
  • Apply Judy’s "Streamlined Submissions" to your game.
  • Continue to learn about AAM Mistakes and their solutions.
  • Take this small group coaching experience to get vital feedback so you become an article writing machine-spending less than 1 hour per article to write it, then delegating the submission to your assistant who will only spending about 1 hour a week submitting 3 articles a week to selected sites.

    Of course, you can send more than three articles a week if you are willing for even faster success in optimizing your site and magnetizing new unique visitors to buy your books and your service.

    Introduction: Be prepared to introduce yourself. Include your book title, your business service, and who you serve. (just 3-4 minutes for all) and your Article Marketing Achiever Goal for $$ and 2-3 HLA you acted upon to advance your success.

    Judy will answer questions about the Nine Mistakes article marketers make as surveyed from her 10,000 list of subscribers and contacts Then, she'll give you hands on solutions for them. (from Advanced Article Marketing 3-Book Special (described below)

    Want to Showcase your article with comments on the call? eMail Judy.

    Open Coaching:

    1. Judy will showcase one or more article examples to give before and after feedback. You chime in your comments to help too. If your article reaches her a week ahead of this session, she will give you feedback.

    2. Bring your specific questions for answers each call.

    Fieldwork. Build an article arsenal of 5-10 articles with Judy's help. Submit your articles and fieldwork to the “Advanced Article Marketing" Achievers and Judy within one week after this session. You'll be ready to submit to the top ezines and blogs when you finish these three sessions.

    "Another excellent book Judy, so easy to read and informative. I love the way Advanced Article Marketing demystifies and simplifies the process of writing and submitting articles as a way of developing new clients for my services.

    Best of all, the book shows the pitfalls I need to avoid and, offers lots of really useful strategies I can easily use to promote my "Yoga Plus" business. Now, I see the advantages of writing and submitting on a consistent basis.

    Having the book as a guide and you as my coach I am inspired and confident in achieving my goals. You are a living example of what a author and business advocate looks like. I wouldn't been able to leap tall buildings with out your help"

    -Ntahu Allen, Yoga Plus!
    [email protected]

    Session Three W. September 25, 2008 4PM PST
    "How to Optimize Your Site, Your Articles, and Your Sales with Synergistic Input from Group and Judy"


  • Optimize your site much more with particular submissions.
  • Know you can delegate submissions ( do 3 for under 15 minutes).
  • Get Judy’s sample ad to place in Craigslist or other lists to get the right person for the right price.
  • Come together as a team with onoing networking support.
  • You'll see how easy it is. Judy will give you ongoing feedback on the call as we move forward into the still #1 Online way to get targeted promotion for your needs.

    "Judy Cullins is THE article marketing pro who walks her talk. Judy streamlines article marketing as no one else. Not only did Judy introduce me to article marketing that I use for my blogs and affiliate programs, she saved me hours of tedious research. She changes when the web demands and It's all in her Article Marketing 3-Book Special. Judy's book package helps me optimize my site even better than beforeand gets me targeted web visitors each day. It helps newbies with step-by-step how-to's. You can trust Judy because she walks the talk.“

    -Leva Duell

    Great value price $299.95
    (total value $350, saving $50)

    Click below to order securely through PayPal now

    Your payments are secure and 100% encrypted for credit cards online!

    Special Reports and eBook Included Valued at $50!

    Sent directly to you from Judy.

  • "Best Keywords - Samples and Resources for Your Web 2.0 Articles"
  • "Avoid Writing Sins: Write Like a Pro Checklist"
  • "Web 2.0 Article Marketing FAQ"
  • "Guide to Google Keywords Tool"
  • eBook Web 2.0 Article Marketing Strategies and Secrets (sent after session one)
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

    Get Started Now! Enjoy Judy's 100% Guarantee.

    Join AAM Achievers' 3-Meeting Coaching Event. If you're not totally satisfied after the first session you can contact Judy Cullins directly for a full refund and keep the two reports!

    Want to get Ongoing Coaching in Print at Your Home Office?

    Coaching is great, and take home tools in these books will make this marketing campaign your best yet.

    Available now: The Advanced Article Marketing Three Book Special ($99.95).

    Note: another bonus ebook with updates of Web 2.0 wisdom is coming soon and sent to you directly from Judy. Even if you can't attend each session, don't worry. We record each one and send you the MP3 file the day after the session so you won't miss a thing!

    If you can't come at all, dont worry. We sell our 3-session MP3 recordings for $199.95 that includes the two free reports and the eBook.

    We are a strongly motivated, purposeful group Sign up only if you are willing to put this marketing into action. That means you'll spend about 3 hours a week on your High Level Activities.

    I'm here for you to mentor and guide you one of the greatest adventures of your life!

    Judy Cullins

    With Enthusiastic Service,
    Judy Cullins

    P.S. Questions on article marketing? Contact Judy!

    (c)2008 Skills Unlimited Publishing.