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How to Sell Your Books With Your Own ...

How to Sell Your Books With Your Own Website Quiz
If you’re writing or finished your book, you may have a website up and wonder why it isn’t making the sales you want. Maybe you haven’t created your site yet. Of course, you want to increase customer traffic and increase your customer base. That’s why we create websites. If you haven’t made web sales and incre [...]

Professional Writing Benefits Your Bo...

Professional Writing Benefits Your Book Readers & Brings More Sales
Do you have something great to share with others? If you don’t know the ins and outs of writing like a pro, take this review. You want your readers engaged and compelled - to listen with your easy to read copy - in books, online promotions, and your website. Easy- to-read professional writing that hooks and engages your read [...]

Write Chapters to Win Over Your Audie...

Write Chapters to Win Over Your Audience
Want to write your non-fiction book chapters so clearly that your readers will find you easy to read, finish your ebook and become your 24/7 sales team? Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to get known. Most new authors write what they want their audience to know from their expertise. One attorney wanted to brand himself and sell othe [...]

Create Maximum Non-Fiction eBook Sale...

Create Maximum Non-Fiction eBook Sales with Subtitles
To confess my own inadequacies, I once wrote a short book titled Spain. I’d always wanted to go there, so for my 10th grade English class, I created and illustrated my book, Spain. Not clever, and totally way too general to attract any particular audience. It did have some great pictures though. So many authors (maybe you) think of catc [...]

The Best Place to Sell Books is Not ...

The Best  Place to Sell Books is Not a Book Store
Top book business influencers say this. Then, where are most of the books we read being sold? Giants like Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup success says. “Only one out of seven people in the United States go into book stores to buy a book.” Book marketing experts John Kremer of “1001 Ways to Market your Book…” and Dan Poy [...]

Book Writers - I’m Gratef...

Book Writers ? I?m Grateful For You
Why? Many of you often read my how to articles on book writing and book marketing, some of you buy my books and audios that teach different skills in the book game. Others, who are serious and committed, hire me as your savvy book coach. And a few of you share your ahas that help me and my subscribers shine. Over the last 13 years, I’v [...]

Do You Need Your Own Book-Selling Web...

Do You Need Your Own Book-Selling Website?
It’s great to have multiple sales going for you at Amazon and other book-selling sites, but you, the hardworking author, will receive only $5.50 on a $12.00 book on Amazon. Other book-selling sites will send you 20-30% royalties for print books, and possibly 70% from ebooks. Not so good. With your own author/publisher website you reap [...]

Use Power Words to Spice Up Every Pag...

Use Power Words to Spice Up Every Page of Your Book or Website
Make all parts of your book or website roar - your title, cover, back cover, introduction, table of contents, and every chapter beginning, heading, and ending with POWER WORDS. Give your readers a reason to want to read your copy and buy your book. Like an artist, a writer paints with words and metaphors. They exude powerful emotions a [...]

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