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Sample Non-fiction Back Cover Copy

 Judy Cullins, M.A.


Sample Title: What to Do Before you Write Chapter One: A Guide for authors who want to write a profitable short book, special report or e-book by Judy Cullins, M.A.

Category: writing/reference/inspiration.

Headline: Wouldn't you like to design your e-book or small book to make maximum sales?

What the book is about/sales copy/description.

Most people start writing Chapter One without any thought of their audiences' needs and wants, the book's benefits, why they are writing it, or how to multiply sales!

This manual shows you how to write compelling copy for all parts of your book to guarantee more book sales, to give your book focus and substance, and to make you an expert in your field--all before you write chapter one.

Promises and Benefits: Use 3-5 bullets.

You will discover how to promote your book, and boost sales exponentially by:

  • annotating your table of contents
  • writing strong ad copy on the back cover
  • creating a sizzling title that buyers can't resist
  • asking influential contacts for testimonials
  • hooking your reader through your introduction
  • promoting on the Internet

Every part of your book can help multiply sales.

Testimonials: Sell more copies than any information!

  1. This book is chock full of experience, everything from how long back cover copy should be to how to ask for testimonials.
  2. Your years of experience show. You provide all the ingredients you need to be a successful author and publisher.
  3. You give information I can use now with no stone unturned. Your references are worth more than the price.
  4. A highly informative, well-written and concise book-indispensable for my next e-book.
  5. An excellent book--information you can use. Get your highlighter ready!


Author bio: Judy Cullins, book coach for 20 years, has authored more than 25 self-help and book publishing guides, selling over 85,000 copies. Ten clients published in 1999.

Closing copy: You have the information, it's unique, people need it. Judy Cullins supplies the how-tos to make your book sell.

So, be encouraged and start writing!

ISBN and bar code


Note: For most trade books 5 1/2 by 7 1/2 or 6 by 9 inches, keep your copy around 250 words or less.

Do Some Marketing Research/Send a Survey

Brainstorm to enrich your copy. Send your rough drafts of the cover, back cover, introduction, table of contents and other parts out to ten to fifty potential buyers, friends, and associates for feedback. No matter what you write, it will need at least five edits, but more if you want good sales.

In this back cover example which of my ideas, selling points and ad copy grab your attention? Which do not? Vote from 1-10, 10 being high. What didn't you see here that you would like to find out more about? What ideas do you have on this topic that would grab someone's interest?

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Judy Cullins, M.A.
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10 clients published in 1999!
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