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Do Your Blog Posts Need Feedback?

Do you Have These Concerns?

  • You submitted 10 blog posts and didn’t get any action.
  • You got discouraged and quit. (I did too a few years ago)
  • Your audience doesn’t leave comments. (not to worry; they finally do)
  • Your books and services aren’t selling enough. (it takes awhile for your audience to trust you)
  • You don’t want to spend more time on blogs. (that’s why I’m here)

You already know that blog posts are sooo important to get more qualified, targeted visitors to your website, where you sell you, your books, and your service. Google loves them and will make you a star among a lot of your competition. From my own blogging efforts over the past 6 months, my target audience traffic has gone from 2500 to over 5600 a month. To get these results you need to build your body of work (50-400 blog posts that show your audience you know your stuff).That’s a sizeable database I can market to each week or so. And so can you!

If you are a coach, an author, a speaker, solo professional, or entrepreneur, you will benefit by making sure your blog posts are engaging, educational, (tips and how to’s sell best) and clear. Enough to get web signups or even some book sales!

Now you can be known as the savvy expert in your field, and attract as many new clients and sell as many books and products as you want using my Blog Feedback Service. It will make your entries sparkle.

Why Choose Judy Cullins?

Because I’ve published over 600 articles/blogs on book and blog writing, publishing and marketing that are still featured across the web on sites like and Ever since I discovered that blog posts are even more powerful, I’ve published 170 short and long posts at my site. I can help you to write crisp, clear and useful blog posts your readers will love! They want information that helps them get to their goals. You’ve probably read many of my posts yourself.

Because I know what marketing works best. And blogs with social media out produce all other results.

Because I know the right ingredients to make your blog shine above others. Hint- The beginning hook, the middle how to and information, and the end. And how to get more comments too.

Because I’ve done a lot of keyword research and can apply it to your blog posts, so Google will love you.

Because my own high traffic and low ranking proves that blogs work to market books and business. Mine is at an all-time low at 274,000. That is a good score from 1 million a few years ago. At Alexa, lower is better.

Would you like to use my blog feedback service to make sure your blogs pass muster, and also optimize your blog with one keyword phrase for your title?

Praise from Successful Clients…

“I discovered simple, do able techniques that I could use for creating – Tips – as Blog posts. I can now create tips for my Blog whose Title will intrigue the reader and whose contents would add value to them.

What you’ve laid out is an excellent, step by step, process, in language that is crisp and easy to understand.

Thank you.”

Ivan Bayross
“Judy Cullins is the go to person for writing your book and marketing it with articles. She helped me some years ago to pre-sell my book before it was printed. Genius I say. I have hired Judy over the years and now she helped me update a new site for business coaching for corporate team building. We created three sales letters. With a brainstorming style she takes the ho-hum copy and with me, and turns it into powerful copy. She knows all kinds of marketing, and stands out from the crowd. Her warm humor keeps me going when I get stressed or discouraged. I urge you to contact Judy if you are moving on an important business writing or book project. She delivers!”
Jeanne Sharbuno
52 Ways to Live Success—From the Inside Out

Here’s How to Sign up and Put Your Blog on the Map

1. Prepay $170 for feedback on three blog posts (700 word limit each), prepay $100 for one blog post (700 word limit), or prepay for 2 blog posts for $185 (700 word limit each) by using the buttons below.

Feedback on 3 Blog Posts $300

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Feedback on 1 Blog Post $150

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Feedback on 2 Blog Posts $250

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2. Email me at judycullins{at} 1-3 of your blog posts with titles (700 word limit each) in one email with a divider of === between them. And inside the email include…

  • you full name
  • your email
  • your website URL
  • your time expectation

3. Choose 1) my rewriting the blog post for you, or 2) my giving suggestions within parenthesis so easy for you to implement with the finishing touches you like.

Unless I’m on a trip to some fabulous island, I’m quite fast with edits.

Looking forward to our succesful blog relationship,

Judy Cullins

P.S. If you don’t need or want this service, let other friends know this URL

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