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Book Marketing and Business Visibility and Credibility with a Blog

Want a lot more book sales? Want your business to stand out from the crowd? A blog, one of the best content marketing techniques, can give you much higher results than you imagined. It helps you build a following, build a reputation as the savvy expert in your field, and make increased book sales!

The most important thing to remember is to write at least two entries a week, and make your posts compelling, professional, and inviting. Remember to ask people to leave their opinions, and get some buzz going. If you are an author, post points or tips that relate to your book. If you are a service business, give how to’s that you also give as a consultant or coach.

How Can You Keep your Blog Fresh?

Look at other places or blogs in your field to gain ideas. My favorite is joining Linkedin groups that relate to your expertise. These people post discussions that they want info on. So, it makes sense to stay abreast of these, and comment as often as you can with useful tips. These discussions or news articles keep my blog alive with always up-to-the-minute good information on about book writing, self-publishing, and book and business online marketing.

And, when people are ready, they will contact you for specific help from your books, teleseminars and coaching.

What are the Big Rules of Blogs?

1. Keep improving your blog. Get educated with books and take teleseminars. Get a short phone coaching session for feedback to see if you’re on the right track.

2. Make sure your content arouses a discussion. Ask questions at the end of the blog. Elicit opinions that keep it fresh.

3. Keep it simple. Do what you can, and if your blog needs some graphics, or style, contact a webmaster who does this kind of work. You’d only need him/her for a few sessions.

4. Hire a professional person who is also a writer to give you feedback. One comment that helped me was to keep the blog entries short and to the point. I’d say from 300-900 words.
Many pros offer short term coaching and consultations.

5. Respond to any comment that is relevant to the blog post, so you keep your readers coming back so they will join your RSS feed and know what new information is up.

6. Commit to a particular amount of time to make your blog get more readers. I write blog entries 2-3 days a week for about 2 hours of creation time. I wait a day or two to submit after I get feedback by a professional business writer like myself. One thing is, that typos to some people make your writing worth a lot less.

7. Comment on a discussion or news article yourself on any Linkedin group you belong to. Get other comments through an email right to your door and choose to respond to the ones you can add good information to. Then, leave a benefit-driven blurb and link to your blog article when appropriate.

You may be thinking, this is too much work or time. You are mistaken. Think of this as an investment to get a much bigger amount of your particular market to your Web site where your other offers are.

Think that the whole is always more than the sum of its parts, so as you build each part of your promotion platform, results will be so much larger than you thought. For myself, the minute the blog went up and I marketed it in these ways, my number of target web visitors went up 35% each month, and growing.

It’s consistency that counts. You are building a body of work that will eventually impress your market. Clients may not come right away. Some take 2 years to get to know you and trust you.

To showcase your skills don’t let your blog die-just because not many came come to it. Blog numbers often build slowly and naturally, unless your site already ranks high with Google and other search engines.

If you have a question, need advice, or have another great tip to add to this blog, feel free to leave one. These stimulate me and my blog readers to keep this blog book marked as a great resource.

Want a half hour feedback session on your blog?

  • Christy Demetrakis

    Great tips as always Judy. Adding a question to engage readers at the end of the blog is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  • Judy Cullins

    Christy, Glad you liked the tips. Engaging your audience is always important-in a book, articles, or any other content such as web sales letters.

  • http:/// Warren Whitlock

    Blogs should be the foundation of an authors online promotion. I can't imagine an author who doesn't need this for book marketing today.

    I encourage authors to start by commenting on good blog posts like this one to develop a network of authors and cross promote with guest posts and discussions in you niche or genre.

    Thank you Judy for an excellent post and another opportunity to network with successful authors

  • Judy Cullins

    Warren, Thanks for the tip to all of us to keep commenting on others' blogs. That means to me, we should join the RSS feed we all offer and get these great tips straight to our email doorstep! I want to encourage all of you to join this RSS feed and others like Warren's.

    All I can say is that my business has changed to the big better since getting this blog up and going. And, it works especially well with LInkedin. That's why I'm writing a book on LI optimizing.

  • David Newton

    Hi Judy, I agree, consistency is a big key. Especially to blogs and articles. People need to see you in the picture all the time for them to take you on a more serious level.

  • Melanie Kissell


    I support your perspective 100%, Judy, and each and every one of your tips is tippity top notch!

    I'm getting to like and appreciate LinkedIn more and more every day. The groups are fabulous and filled with professionals who know what good interpersonal skills look like. I feel there's far more benefit to spending precious time on LinkedIn versus a number of other social media venues.

    You get my vote on this one!

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