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Blog Marketing Strategies - Is Short or Long the Best?

First, check your purpose for each blog. Do you want to share some dynamite tips? Do you want to stimulate audience comments?

One client is now changing her blog/site to become a selling site instead of a blog that just shares her ideas and pictures. She has changed her blog’s purpose! A talented personal coach already with enough clients, she is looking to the future because she will be writing more books that relate to her work and may want some new clients again.

Loosely Defining Short and Long Blogs

From my blogging experience, I’ve found that sometimes I write short blogs of 300-600 words. But, for more complex information or when using an interview, they turn out to be over 800 words, sometimes 1200 to 2000 words. I call these ”longish.”

Right now, I’m working on a LinkedIn piece that is multi-dimensional. It grew to over 2000 words. I may use it as a bonus for my “LinkedIn Marketing…” book or turn it into a short ebook.

Short Blog Post Advantages

Great for answering quick questions!

In one LinkedIn discussion group, many voices responded to my blog article, “7 Steps to Write Powerful Blog Posts in 500 Words.” I wrote it because my site subscribers asked me to.

When you find a need and fill it, you build your reputation as a go to person in your fields. Its 7 steps included specific examples for each tip.

Great for tip and how to lists!

Your readers like numbered tips and points. You can start with blogging a check list to help your primary audience. Make your check list one of 5, 7, 9, or 10 points and not higher because people tune out after 10. Then, take each point and blog about that with examples from your business such as a solution for a coaching client. Then, post a longer post with all of your points expanded even more. This is the stuff that eBooks are made from.

Include headings throughout your blog to make it easier to follow. When you do easy, simple, and concise, you get more readers.

Regardless, your readers want specific examples in each post. These make you real to them.

Great for short attention spans!

Short posts appeal to skimmers and impatient social media information seekers. Some of these only read the first 2 sentences, so make sure they are laser sharp to hook them to click, read, and comment.

Longer Blog Post Advantages

Great for more in depth information.

Maybe your audience, like mine, wants to dig deeper into a topic or how to’s. They don’t mind reading longer posts because they get great, specific value from them. They know they can come to our sites to keep educating themselves.

Great for lengthy discussions!

A lot of giving goes into marketing oneself. Blog marketing is pull marketing at its best. You give your readers a chance to give their opinions. They love that!

What’s Working and Not Working at Your Blog?

Take an assessment every month as I do, and see what’s building your web/blog traffic. Who is coming to read you? What does it take to keep them coming? Who will possibly buy from you?

Check your Google Analytics. It shows me that my traffic comes in this order:

  • Google searches
  • LinkedIn readers who like my information on book and blog writing, and LinkedIn marketing.
  • my name, Judy Cullins
  • my URL targeted keyword, book coaching

Send a quick email survey to your mailing list. Ask them what are 2-3 challenges they want answers for. Then, write blogs on those topics to lead them back, again and again.

While you don’t want to tamp down your creativity, you do want to think more about what your audience needs and wants IF you want more of them to show up as clients or as book buyers.

First, you build a body of work, and then you can promote yourself and your site or your products as more subscribers come. Remember, they are initially looking for free, so keep that in mind for your sales funnel that eventually leads them to the fee-based items or service you sell.

Turns out this post is on the cusp of a short or long post - 769 words.

They have a way of growing, don’t they? Both kinds of blog posts work, depending on your purpose, topic, or audience.

What’s your opinion long or short blogs? Which do you prefer?

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  • Alexis

    There are a handful of excellent writers who can pull off a long-form blog post that is informative, well-written, and worth every word. But in general this is tough to do. Most of us are just "OK" writers (myself included!) so trying to write a really gripping, useful, long blog post can be tough. I once read that when you write you should later edit out at least 30% of what you've written and I try to hold myself to that because I know that I tend to put lots of filler in there. Just my thought….

  • Carol

    Thanks for this interesting article! Great read for us just starting-

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    Great information.

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    I enjoyed reading your article, you give me a lot of idea and techniques for my blog… i always follow your blog to get more idea.

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