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55 Strategy Session – Book Coaching

Want to write an eBook or a self published book? Did you start a book and not finish? Do you want feedback on what’s brilliant and not so brilliant in your work?

If you want to make sure your book has the business elements such as the pre-marketing 9 points, and a chapter blueprint that also makes it readable, engaging, and profitable, you will want to sign up now for this:

30 Minute Breakthrough Book Strategy Session

In This Short Time, You’ll get These Outcomes:

  1. Get more clarity on what your book’s message is, and its value.
  2. Focus on your primary audience to get more sales.
  3. Learn pre-marketing strategies for your promotion platform before you finish, so you understand the business side of your book to make sure you sell books and market your business.
  4. Realize what are your first, second, and third steps to put this in motion.
  5. Realize that more than passion sells a book.
  6. Learn some easy pre-marketing tools to set up your book’s promotion platform before you finish your book, so you will be ready to launch a powerful campaign the day you finish writing!

What Value Will You Get from Judy?

  • You’ll know how to choose your target audience and write for them specially. Specific sells; general doesn’t. Many write big books for all audiences. They don’t sell as well as shorter, specific info books.
  • You’ll get Judy’s 25 years expertise in the book coaching business as well as her internet marketing skills that keep her site still #1 in Google for 13 years.
  • You’ll get Judy’s chapter blueprint to give you direction and make your chapters so engaging, your audience will contact you and even buy from you.
  • You’ll get Judy’s know how on search engine optimization for your book title and web and email book sales letter.
  • You will get Judy’s writing coach savvy through your brainstorming session to get one chapter fully edited in one or two meetings. She knows dialogue power, headings power, and what is brilliance and what is redundant or boring to leave out.
  • You will receive Judy’s help in making your mission complete. To share your gems with an audience that really resonates with you and wants what you offer.
  • You’ll know up front before you write what 9 pre-marketing strategies you need to sell well. And write a more compelling book for your target market – a book that will be on top of the list.
  • You’ll get branded as the go to person in your niche. Yielding more paid speaking engagements, more consulting work, and more business contacts in your field.
  • You’ll stand out from the crowd with a sterling book and position yourself at the top in your field. This brings trust and eventually clients.

Why Should you Work with Me? Praise from Other Clients…

“Judy Cullins, veteran book coach, has guided me to not only write a short eBook to market (brand) my business of coaching young women with eating disorders, but to write an online marketing plan that includes a marketing funnel from a free ebook to get dedicated subscribers, to three low cost specific books for my specific audiences, and to my online treatment program to “save” this “introvert”audience’s lives and one they will readily buy so they can stay private.

Judy knows book marketing too. Together, we set a plan to build my online presence & my actions all I become a household name and can create a much higher income/wealth program. Besides the book writing, Judy helped me set up a blog writing and blog marketing strategy. She knows the way and can shortcut an author/business person’s road to success. I finally have learned a system that I can use for a short or longer book.I’m so glad I’m working with her, and she’s reasonable too!”

Jeanne Rust, PhD
“Immensely helpful! In just one session with Book coach Judy Cullins, I got these ahas, I didn’t know were important to writing a saleable book. For my scripting book, Judy helped brand me in my chapters with headings, subheadings, tips, snappy sentence length and fewer passives—all to make my chapter compelling and more readable!”
Robert Coolie
“Thanks Judy very much for our session. I learned a great deal and made significant progress in the short session we had. Your insights about my book title were truly helpful. And your feedback about my introduction will help me edit it to acheive the professional level of writing that I desire. I highly recommend your services as well as your e-book on writing a book fast.”
M. Rivas
Avalon, CA
“Judy Cullins, you are like a breath of fresh air–definitely laser–You really helped me gain clarity and understanding in that 30 minutes re target audience than I have ever done… I have spent the last few months wondering who my target audience is and wham bam… in 30 minutes you nailed it… so much easier now for me to proceed and know how to write my book on yoga for stressed out business women over 50, market it, and write sales letter for my site. Thanks so much. I know you have loads more tips up your sleeve. I’ll be back!”
Ntathu Allen
“Judy helped me get my book through the tough editors at International Marine/McGraw- Hill. How? By showing me how to hook the reader from the first page and not let go! Thanks Judy for showing me how to make good content turn out great!”
John Jamieson
Seamanship Secrets

Your book journey is always easier and faster with a partner. You don’t have to do it alone.

For this 30-minute session, you prepay $55 (was $110).

For more benefits you may want ongoing sessions with feedback, brainstorming, and file reading for 20 minutes before the session and coaching for 40 minutes on the phone sessions.

Follow up One-Hour Session Choices

One for $150
Two for $275
Three for $385
Four for $450

What Value will you Receive from My Coaching?

  1. More business from your book that brands you. This can translate into more speaking engagements, more consulting work, and more business contacts in your field.
  2. More book sales when pre and post marketing is engaged in.
  3. More positioning to be known as the expert in your field which in turn brings more trusting prospects to you.
  4. Allows you to share how you make a difference to others’ lives so your mission is complete.
  5. Know what part of your book project is brilliant and what can be left out, so your book will shine and sell well.

Register Now for only $110 $55

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AGENDA: Include and write out in list style…

30-minute phone session – Copy and paste in email the agenda below with your 3-6 questions to judycullins[at] a few days before your scheduled session. Get answers! This helps me see the whole to help comment on the parts.

➣your name
➣your email
➣your phone #
➣your Website title and URL (if applies)
➣1 best book title or topic (if applies)
➣Write your best audience for your book, your site or ??
➣Write out 3-5 benefits for your book
➣Write out 2-3 chapter titles (if applies)
➣Write out 2-3 article or blog titles (if applies to this session)
➣book Sales Letter how to’s and questions
➣Write your book writing questions, or marketing ones if applies (up to 4-5)

For these 1/2 hour sessions I don’t read manuscripts or files.

For my ongoing full sessions I do read files that you email me ahead (20 minutes for files in addition to our 40 minute phone sessions).
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