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Book Marketing Plan to Brand Yourself and Business

eBook by Judy Cullins

Your Book and Business Marketing Plan

Free book marketing for book branding and author marketing begins with a book marketing plan. You want to make a difference. You want to make a name for yourself. And you want to get your books into the hands of your readers.

Did you know that without marketing your book will languish on the shelves, and your business will stagnate? This means you wont get the clients you want or make the big sales on your book.

Now, in this marketing handbook, there is success for non techies written by a business / author who has paved the way before you. This book for your launch and lifetime promotion is abundant with resources and how to’s already tested to show you how to distribute your book the traditional ways and the internet book marketing ways.

Benefits of Reaching Your Target Audience Today

  • Create a clear picture of where you want to go to save marketing time.
  • Fill in the blueprint Judy provides to cement the plan.
  • Discover what actions you need to take for online book promotion.
  • Learn how to create your book’s marketing message that readers want.
  • You will spend much less money (how does free sound?).
  • Make your book stand out from the crowd.
  • Know your target audience and create the right message.
  • Reach much greater #’s of your targeted market each month.
  • Spend far less time on marketing (a half hour a day).

Praise from Business Home Internet Marketing Promotion Clients

Judy coached a first time writer taking me from A to Z to book writing and publishing. She tought me how to identify the right audience, how to emphasize the right points right, how to keep my audience captive. She is a person full of energy, experience and passion. She devotes herself to your success. Thank you Judy!
Christos Kartalis
The Manager’s Cockpit

Since you’ve been coaching me Judy, I’ve learned how to write articles for the Internet. Today I got that I can leverage one article for 3 promotions to promote my speaking Web site. Thanks for helping me delegate and keep track of it all with organizing multiple folders and files for my assistants. You are truly The Book Coach and Article Marketing Lady.
Rosalie Moscoe, RNCP

100% Money Back Guarantee!

With Judy’s 100% guarantee, it’s a no brainier to choose this straight-to-the-point program, proven to work, just copy cat Judy’s success program and you’ll be amazed at your business’s transformation!