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How to Write your eBook Fast to Gain Leads that Bring you Immediate Visibility, Credibility, and Sales

Meets Feb 19, 2009 5-6PM PST

You may be thinking eBooks aren't real and won't deliver you a place in the world of experts. That publishing a print book is the only way to get credibility. Judy Cullins, trusted 24 year book coach with 74 published clients, will tell it like it is at this Feb 19, 2009 free 1 hour session at 5PM-6PM.

Just pick up your phone and discover

  • Why eBooks can make you the new guru in your field.
  • How eBooks are not all the same-and why the PDF version is the best one.
  • How you can sell eBooks online and at the back of the room.
  • How you can make almost passive income from eBooks.
  • How eBooks will bring you 1000's of potential customers.
  • How you can choose the right eBook to write.
  • How you can outline and write an eBook chapter fast.
  • What mistakes you can avoid to make your journey easier and faster.
  • "Judy's coaching is great! She coached a first time writer taking me from A to Z to book writing and publishing. She tought me how to identify the right audience, how to emphasize the right points right, how to keep my audience captive. She is a person full of energy, experience and passion to succeed through you success. Thank you Judy! I look forward to working with you on my second book."
    Christos Kartalis
    The Manager's Cockpit

    To register for this one-time free event fill out the form below. You'll immediately get the conference number. Your only cost is the cost of the phone call.


    With Ethusiastic Service,

    Judy Cullins

    P.S. No need to take six months, a year or more to get your book out. You can be well on your way after this teleseminar. For those on the call, Judy will make two special offers, not offered before.

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