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Do you have faith in your book project? Or maybe you have doubts?

Maybe you are stuck on the writing, publishing, proper copy for your website, or building your book's promotion platform.

Or, perhaps you're losing motivation because you're tired of piecemeal progress doing it all alone. You go so slow, you lose motivation.

The first step is to believe in your project. You can keep the faith when you get more education about the book business and your book's place in the world.

Yes, you can do it alone, buy WHY? If money is your reason, you make the mistake of not investing in you, and if you like your book idea, and it's the perfect way to bring you visibility and credibility, why wouldn't you invest a little to get a lot of results?

Whether you are writing your book, publishing it, building your online promotion platform, or writing a selling website, you've learned a lot from my blog's information, free reports, teleseminars, and my books.

That's a good start, but to finish your project and start getting sales that make it worth your while, you need some follow through and hand-holding to make sure you complete your book project.

Make Money from your Book Now!

Now you can double the speed up your project and get those sales you want.

As a 25 year bookcoach, with results of over 75 published clients in the past 5 years, and profitable, I'm making this unusual offer for only 4 (four) of you who want to seriously get out of struggle and trust my coaching to bring your project to the finish line, and start to get.

Real Results!

All it takes is a little follow through, some checking and correcting what you have now to transform your writing project to profits.

Now you can finish fully and get those sales going!

My Shorten your Learning Curve Coaching Offer:

For only 4 of my subscribers and customers - I offer this nudge to shorten your learning curve by 1/2 (half) and double your income.

What you Get in Four Sessions with Judy Cullins

  1. My long time experience in the business of books.

  2. 60 minutes total coaching time for each of the 4 sessions (20 min-feedback on files and 40 minutes on coaching call) That means you will have a final brainstormed version of your chapter or other files each time. (that's only 1-2 edits-depending on your writing)

  3. Tailored action steps for your book, whether it be a few chapters, your promotion platform or your book web sales letter.

  4. Answers to 4-7 of your questions that you email me ahead for our first phone session.

  5. Free special reports and email updates for each skill set you need.

  6. My famous "compassionate feedback" by email after each coaching session with your Word book file already edited.

Four Sessions--That's It.

Choose Your Results

  1. Get clarity and finish your book chapters and chapter titles that brand you. I help you make good writing "gold." and offer developmental editing. You may not see your writing power, but I will. All with a marketing point of view!

  2. Set up your social media marketing on Linkedin or Facebook and Twitter, so they support one-another!

  3. Know why a WordPress blog can do so much for your book sales and how to set one up.

  4. Write convincing sales copy for your book, business, service, or programs. Did you know you need a sales piece for each of these?

  5. Learn the high-profit systems awaiting you with my insider knowledge of The Big 3 Marketing Machine (most businesses don't make sales they could by using my system.

  6. Save 20 hours a week using specific article marketing, social media, or blog posts.

I can't wait to unfold all the details for you.

This Special Offer is Good Until
August 31, 2010!

For only 4 of you, so committed, you are willing to invest in your book's success.

This $520 value is now only $395 with one payment ahead for 4 sessions or with 4 monthly installment payments of $115 each instead of $130 to make it easier on you in these economic low times.

What My Happy Clients Say...

"Judy helped me get my book through the tough editors at International Marine/McGraw- Hill. How? By showing me how to hook the reader from the first page and not let go! Thanks Judy for showing me how to make good content turn out great!"
John Jamieson
Seamanship Secrets
"Thank you so much for the wonderful LinkedIn Social Media Marketing coaching session. You are a wealth of information, creativity and wonderful, positive support. It is a joy to work with you. I look forward to our next meeting. I already feel much clearer about how to proceed."
Brenda Shoshana
Fearless - The 7 Principles of Peace of Mind
"Find out everything you need to know about building your book's visibility and sales with this easy-to-use guide. When you follow Judy's 8 best tactics, you'll get great results in much less time. She shows you the short cuts and gives you links to where you want to go in LinkedIn, but didn't know how."
Marcia Reynolds
Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction

Now, you can get the help you need from a niche person who offers complete book coaching from idea to selling, and has authored 13+ book s on this topic along with 20 other titles in health, personal growth and business.

She has been there before and can short cut your journey AND have some laughs before the end of this month when this offer will be taken off the table!

As Jack Canfield writes in his book, The Success Principles...

"Of all the things successful people do to accelerate their trip down the path to success, participating in some kind of coaching program is at the top of the list."

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  3. Please read carefully and follow all of PayPal's instructions for completing your transaction.
  4. After you finish your transaction, you will be directed back to our website where you will receive a link to Judy's Coaching Schedule. You can choose your first couple of coaching sessions from this list and send the dates and times to Judy. If the page does not load after 5 seconds, please click the provided redirect link given by PayPal.
  5. If you have any problems with the transaction, your browser crashes after the payment is complete, or you experience some other technological catastrophe, please contact Judy Cullins immediately at 619-466-0622.

One Time Payment of $395

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