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Did you Know that your Book Brands your Business?

Branding is a marketing concept that’s been around for decades.

Think of Donald Trump whose name is his brand. When you buy his books, you’ll know that HE is the brand. Like Donald Trump, your business may be smaller, but can get a big boost when your write a book that educates your audience on your service, and its benefits that will attract them to your business Web site and also sell books.

A book is the number one way to brand your business and get big credibility as well as visibility.

You want to be known, be liked and be the best choice among your competition to help your audience to a better life. Your book that brands you helps you stand out from the crowd, especially online. Once you get help on writing a quality, short book, either in print or eformat, you’ll want to expand even further.

Get Big Results for your Brand with Appropriate Online Marketing

  • Get the word out by doing several online strategies for your book and business.
  • Install a blog and put unique new material on it to increase your Google rating.
  • Join twitter and instead of follower madness, just connect with those in your audience or gurus in your field.
  • Connect twitter tweets using With your FB fan page and LI profile page. This one action really expands your visibility.
  • Write and submit original articles to only high-traffic sites. Above all else, these really show you as the savvy expert in your niche.

You can do more, but do what you do well. Schedule time to use each of these. We update all of my groups weekly at least.
Follow up each month with Google Analytics and see what’s working and what’s not.

When you have an effective, memorable, brand and use powerful internet tools you can get big results. Your audience will think of you when they need your information to improve their life or business.

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