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2012 Spring Sale!

Brand Your Business with an eBook

Turn yourself into an eBook Author in Less than a Month! For only $8.95

You know me as the full service bookcoach, but if you're just starting, this 85 minute MP3 teleseminar may be just the ticket before you get ongoing book coaching to brand your business to attract plenty of clients and sell a lot of books.

Even, if your don't love writing, don't know how to write your chapter with POP appeal. Even if you don't know marketing...

It's all here and you get me, your coach without the big price!

Avoid "newbie" mistakes and "myths" that hold you back and don't reveal your great talents that you want to share to make our world a better place.

Agenda and Benefits Galore:

  • Not all eBooks are the Same - Test your Book's significance.
  • How to Move Beyond Doubt and Fear. They are Excuses.
  • Overcome the Myths - Write Your Profitable eBook Now!
  • Make Your Book Stand Out from the Crowd - Avoid These Mistakes.
  • Create Book Titles Your Potential Clients and Buyers Can't Resist.
  • How to Add Value to each Book You Write.
  • Why Write and Market an eBook - Benefits Galore!
  • Marketing - Know the Difference Between Benefits and Features.
  • Be a Client Magnet with Your Branding eBook.
  • Know Shortcuts to Get You to the Finish Line Fast.
  • Create Your Chapters in Half the Time with Only 1 Edit.
  • Motivate Yourself with Your Passion about Your Book.
  • Get your MP3 at our recession special price of $8.95

    And most of all-have fun with your eBook project. It's a journey, not a chore. There's no limit as to how many eBooks, special reports or even short articles you can write to brand your business and yourself with this up-to-the-minute hands-on wisdom from a 24-year veteran book coach.

    Value $8.95!

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    I'm looking forward to sharing these strategies with you!


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