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Three Big Profitable Book Marketing S...

Three Big Profitable Book Marketing Steps You Can’t Sell Without
You may have concerns like my recent client, Bob. He wants to market all of his books on one site; his website is almost virgin - unfinished, without ways to get his audience of women whose husbands are cheating, to interact and respect him as a trusted authority on infidelity in marriage. In this 30-minute strategy phone session, he [...]

What Writing Actions Are You Taking N...

What Writing Actions Are You Taking Now for Your Blog or Book?
Do you feel overwhelmed with too much information coming at you for help writing a book? Do you wonder where to start with your blog? What writing strategies you need in order to write a marketable book or a highly read blog? And, how do you get your content finished in a short time? For each book, blog or other writing project I want to do, [...]

What Specific Marketing Actions are Y...

What Specific Marketing Actions are You Taking This Week?
For each book or joint business venture project, each month and each week I write goals, strategies, and promotion actions in my “Book and Business Marketing Plan.” This week, I’ve written specific 3 High Level Activities (HLAs) each day in my organizer. I write them the day before so my subconscious works on them all night. [...]

What Kinds of Marketing Are You Doing...

What Kinds of Marketing Are You Doing for Your Book or Business?
Please name your title, then in numbers 1. 2. and 3. And results if you have them. For my most popular how to books “Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast” and “LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Build your Book and Business Sales” I love these ways the best. 1. Write 2-3X a week a WordPress blog post relating t [...]

Market your Book on a Budget Check an...

Market your Book on a Budget Check and Correct List
Put a “no” next to the ones you don’t have going for you. 1. You have hired a bookcoach or Sherpa that offers books, seminars, and 1 to 1 sessions to make sure each of your chapters will engage their readers to finish and recommend your book. (word of mouth still works). 2. You have created chapter titles that brand you an [...]

What’s your Favorite Book Promo...

What’s your Favorite Book Promotion and Why?
Here’s my 9 best online promotion tips… 1. Create 5-10 informational and how to articles for that is a high traffic site, so more of your audience will see your information, your resource box that offers a free eBook, newsletter, special report, or YouTube tips at your site. Submit them either to a high-traffic direct [...]

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