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How to Sell Your Books With Your Own ...

How to Sell Your Books With Your Own Website Quiz
If you’re writing or finished your book, you may have a website up and wonder why it isn’t making the sales you want. Maybe you haven’t created your site yet. Of course, you want to increase customer traffic and increase your customer base. That’s why we create websites. If you haven’t made web sales and incre [...]

Do You Need Your Own Book-Selling Web...

Do You Need Your Own Book-Selling Website?
It’s great to have multiple sales going for you at Amazon and other book-selling sites, but you, the hardworking author, will receive only $5.50 on a $12.00 book on Amazon. Other book-selling sites will send you 20-30% royalties for print books, and possibly 70% from ebooks. Not so good. With your own author/publisher website you reap [...]

Content Marketing Assures Building Yo...

Content Marketing Assures Building Your Niche Authority
Are you unsure of how to make yourself and your service well known, liked and trusted? Have you tried social media conversations without getting a bite or sales yet? If you are perplexed as to why what you’re doing is not working, there’s a reason - maybe several reasons. My 13 years online have taught me one thing. That books and [...]

To Attract Search Engines and Readers...

To Attract Search Engines and Readers – Websites Need Updating
by Phyllis Zimbler Miller I know Phyllis from Linkedin. She’s a real pro with online marketing. Book authors may be relieved when their books are published. Yet the next stage of being a book author – marketing the book – awaits them. And by now many authors realize that, for purposes of connecting with prospective readers, they need to be [...]

Why are you in the Business you are i...

Why are you in the Business you are in?
by Kathleen Gage “If I know a great conscious business woman, it is Kathleen Gage. She’s helped me over time and you will get great value from this post.” -Judy Have you given thought to why you do what you do? Why are you in the business you are in? What motivates you to work with the clients you work with? In the last f [...]

Does your Former Ideal Client Need to...

Does your Former Ideal Client Need to be Fired? 7 Reasons
Over the past twenty plus years, I wrote a piece to give my clients before I accepted them, called “Are You My Ideal Client?” This piece set the values and respect I require, and set the bar high enough for me to enjoy my coaching. It worked for a while. How soon the impatient, needy, desperate, and wanting all strategies to be [...]

What’s your Business Model for ...

What’s your Business Model for Coaching or Consulting?
So many coaches complain about their ongoing income from their craft. Here’s 3 tips to get you profitable where you are now and where you want to be. 1. Set a Monthly Income Goal Set one that is realistic and optimistic at the same time. For instance, if your fee schedule is a low number, how can you build an income that goes over the [...]

Market Your Coaching Business With 10...

Market Your Coaching Business With 10 High Visibility Steps
Whether it’s speaking or writing that brings you clients, professional coaches, who are in the 5% Success Club, need to spend more time on promotion, publicity, and marketing. Here’s 10 Ways to Build your Coaching Business 1. Know your business’ defining statement. Have this short sound bite ready to use at networking meeti [...]

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