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Can Authors Get Effective Online Mark...

Can Authors Get Effective Online Marketing for Free?
by Phyllis Zimbler Miller I spoke to yet another prospective book author who thought her idea for a book could be very successful. At the same time she explained that, in order to save money, she had built her professional website from a template and had only hosted blogs. Now the truth is that an author can get effective marketing online f [...]

Selling Is Not a Dirty Word for Autho...

Selling Is Not a Dirty Word for Authors and Professionals
Selling - a word that strikes terror in writers and professionals. We love to write. We love our work. We love to speak. We hate to SELL. Our print and ebooks may go unread because we don’t get the word out. Our products and services don’t sell because we don’t include enough benefits in a sales message to give our bu [...]

Will the Luck Leprechaun Bring You Bo...

Will the Luck Leprechaun Bring You Book Sales?
You notice the big names making a huge financial success from their books. You may say, “How Lucky. I’m not, I need to catch a “lucky” break to earn more.” I see this as the Luck Leprechaun Myth. It looks like magic, doesn’t it? And you still feel you should be there too. Take a Reality Check to Get the  [...]

The Missing Link to Online Book Marke...

The Missing Link to Online Book Marketing and Business Success
So many steps. So many new learning curves. We dash from Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn without purpose. Your book is ready for its audience. You’ve joined Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and are commenting away. These actions seem useful, but maybe not. Without a purposeful plan, such as setting goals, you may be wasting time on low pr [...]

Are you Paralyzed About your Book Mar...

Are you Paralyzed About your Book Marketing?
Maybe you don’t know what to do to bring the biggest return on your time investment (ROI). Maybe you’ve tried the latest tactic because you heard it’s the way to go, and not gotten the results you expected. Maybe you are an introvert, or don’t like pitching, and just wish someone else would do it for you. In any case, [...]

Conquer Your Fear of the Internet to ...

Conquer Your Fear of the Internet to Sell Your Books
by Write and Publish Your Book (WAPYB) Judy Cullins, wants to convince you to use the Internet to market your book because it is so cost and time effective. With over 25 years of book coaching and almost 12+ years online, Judy makes some very convincing arguments. Judy helps authors learn writing for books, articles, blogs, and web site sal [...]

Book Marketing - How to Sell Mo...

Book Marketing – How to Sell More Books without the Push
Many of you know me and hear from me often. And you wonder how you too can have successful book sales or business profits. The way I approach asking for sales is to first give, give, give great, unique information to educate my audience of business people who want to write a book and also market their businesses. I give through my free ebooks [...]

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