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3 LinkedIn Profile Mistakes That Prev...

3 LinkedIn Profile Mistakes That Prevent Credibility & Profit
Maybe you use Facebook and Twitter, but is your unique traffic increasing substantially? Do 3-5% of those visitors buy from you? If your traffic is not increasing substantially, then take a look at LinkedIn Marketing. Although other social networking sites have their place and purpose, none of them brings more profitable joint ventures, valua [...]

What Mistakes Do you See Authors Maki...

What Mistakes Do you See Authors Making on LinkedIn?
Here are just a few of the problems I see regularly: They sign up and forget about it! They don’t update their LI profile enough. Old information looks OLD. They join the wrong groups – need to focus on target audience. They use the groups, but don’t interact and make relationships. They blatantly shout “Buy my book!” They don’t know how to [...]

Are you Avoiding LinkedIn Because you...

Are you Avoiding LinkedIn Because you Don’t Know How to Use it?
Hi Fellow Authors and Business People, I’m discouraged by what I see on LinkedIn. Many authors don’t take advantage of LinkedIn’s power to promote and market themselves and their books there. It’s frustrating for me to see the big mistakes authors are making on what has become the second largest social network in the U [...]

Why Write a Blog and How to Get it No...

Why Write a Blog and How to Get it Noticed on LinkedIn
Just to let you know, I didn’t always have a successful blog. I started one 6 years ago, and when no magic happened in a few months, I quit. What a mistake! I quit too soon because I didn’t realize that the blog, just like the website, would take time to catch on, and would require a lot of marketing. I got some coaching and installed WordPr [...]

4 Preparations You Must Make to Monet...

4 Preparations You Must Make to Monetize your LinkedIn Profile
Maybe you put up a profile in haste, had an assistant do it, or just put up a bare bones script. That’s how most of us start at LinkedIn because we didn’t have enough powerful information on our goals or our audience to do it right. If you want to monetize your profile, and save marketing time, be sure to take some time writing y [...]

LinkedIn Profile Makeover - 10 ...

LinkedIn Profile Makeover – 10 Ways to Optimize Your Content Order
This is one of many blog posts I will share with businesses on profile changes you can make to get to the top of the pages when people search for your expertise or book. My own results are amazing in just weeks from my continuous LinkedIn profile makeovers. Just put a few of these in the LinkedIn search bar and see that I’m either #1 or [...]

Is Your LinkedIn Marketing Working? 8...

Is Your LinkedIn Marketing Working? 8 Visibility & Profit Skills
Maybe like me, you started with Twitter and made mistakes of collecting followers and just shooting out messages to the ethers, some who came to my site, but most did not buy. The same for Facebook. That’s why I turned to LinkedIn over 2 years ago, because at LinkedIn, my book coaching business and 13 books sold increased 10 fold over [...]

How I Built My Book and Business Succ...

How I Built My Book and Business Success with LinkedIn
1. Just two years ago in 2008, I put up my first profile at LinkedIn. I learned what to put in my profile to make it more powerful from a mentor. I also edited it 3-4 times to change the point of view from “me” to “YOU”, including engaging copy to please my visitors. That improved my numbers of searches for my name an [...]

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