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10 Ways to Build an Audience for Your...

10 Ways to Build an Audience for Your Books Online
by Stephanie Chandler I’m a big fan of Stephanie who contributed this useful post on what my mantra is — “you must really know your audience to reach them effectively to sell your books.” 1. LAUNCH AND OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE No matter where you are in the process, a website essential to build an audience, share samples of your work, showcase [...]

Where are your Book Buyers?

Where are your Book Buyers?
Let’s just say you’ve applied your pre-marketing skills to your book early on and have done some of your book promotion platform, so your book will sell well. One of those skills sets is to know your preferred audience and where they hang out on the internet. STATS: Amazon sells 44% of all books in North America. eBook sales at Am [...]

Writing an eBook for Your Target Audi...

Writing an eBook for Your Target Audience to Make More Sales
You may have only written print books. You may already have written an eBook or two. And you may not have known these hot-selling tips and therefore, made your book less successful. Book Tip 1. Write a short ebook first. Your online audience on blogs, Linkedin, Twitter and other social media wants concise information to solve their problems. [...]

Write for the Ones Who Buy Your Book ...

Write for the Ones Who Buy Your Book – Your Readers!
Write your book for your reader. That’s who decides whether it sells or not. Rather than lecture or tell all you know from your research or your story, think what does my reader need now? How can I make my chapter more enjoyable and easy to read? Our first draft may tell and not have a clear focus, but after that we authors can make our [...]

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