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The 7 Deadly Sins of Online Networkin...

The 7 Deadly Sins of Online Networking
by Dana Lynn Smith Dana Lynn Smith knows online networking like no other guru. She’s taught me a lot and will you too. Thanks for sharing Judy. This is very good, concise, practical information! Roger Boneno Online networking is a wonderful way to meet people who share your interests, develop relationships with peers and potential customers, [...]

Do you Have These Two Missing Links f...

Do you Have These Two Missing Links for Your Social Media Marketing?
OK. You joined Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You put up your profile. Many of you are internet savvy, and yet, you may have missed two details you need to implement before you can expect success in your your book or business success. The 2 steps that take more commitment. My own early mistakes included not updating my original LinkedIn and [...]

Book Marketing - 7 Steps to Mon...

Book Marketing – 7 Steps to Monetize Your Social Networking
Most people want to know what do first, second, third, and the rest… These steps are based on my seminars, books and my own Social Media successes that include 3 interview joint ventures this month, where I can reach new audiences, and create bigger sales. They include my newly launched affiliate program for over 15 products and books o [...]

Want More Opt-in Subscribers - ...

Want More Opt-in Subscribers – 5 Social Media Marketing Tips
Why would you want this? Because you develop a database you can send weekly messages and stay in touch with your audience, who you can offer useful tips and irresistible offers that multiply your sales. Improve your Subscriber Numbers with these 5 Social Media Tips: 1. To get new numbers of my target audience to my website o [...]

Social Media Strategies for Book Mark...

Social Media Strategies for Book Marketing – are they Worth It?
Is it worth my time, money, and energy to market my book with social media strategies and why? Before social media, it took a lot of effort, money, and time to reach our book’s best audience. We scheduled talks, press releases, and networked in person to get visibility and even credibility for the information our book shared. A lot of w [...]

The Most Important Thing You Learned ...

The Most Important Thing You Learned About Social Media in 2010?
What is the most important thing you learned about social media this year? Maybe you use social media for marketing your book or business. Maybe you want to use it more, but wonder which direction to take? And what are the best strategies vs. the least useful strategies? After 3 years on Twitter and Facebook, I turned my attention to Linkedin [...]

9 Solutions to Shorten your Social Me...

9 Solutions to Shorten your Social Media Marketing Time
Don’t like spending too much time on social media marketing? Just putting the finishing touches on my book, LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales. In the first book chapter, you’ll see the many reasons to choose Linkedin as your primary social media marketing approach. In the second chapter, you lear [...]

What’s the Missing Link in your...

What’s the Missing Link in your Social Media?
The one missing link I had in my social networking was a blog at my website. The business blog works well with your Linkedin groups too. I submit news articles to the 30 plus groups at Linkedin I belong to (all in my target audience) with a link to my blog to help businesses with their book or business marketing. RESULTS WERE AMAZING! In one [...]

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