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Don’t Write That Next Book Yet ...

Dont Write That Next Book Yet  10 Questions to Ask Yourself
Many authors start writing their second and third book, ink barely dry on their first one. Coming from a veteran book coach, understand this decision works against your best interests. Why? Because you need to learn the proven online book promotion techniques and apply them to your original book first. Just because your first book isn’ [...]

Seven Rules for Writing Information P...

Seven Rules for Writing Information Products and eBooks that Sell
Although a rule breaker myself, I did read the rules in Dan Poynter’s “Self-Publishing Manual” a long time ago. My, how the world has changed. It’s gotten so much simpler to write, publish and market your ebook as long as you write compelling tips for your primary audience who loves your niche or topic. 7 Rules That [...]

You and We the People - Writing...

You and We the People  Writing for Change
by Michael Larsen One lazy man is called a disgrace, two lazy men are called a law firm, and three or more a congress. John Adams in the musical 1776 Although America’s follies and problems approach in size and gravity its potential and stature, the United States is the best and greatest country the world has ever had. The signing of the Dec [...]

How to Write a Short eBook to Promote...

How to Write a Short eBook to Promote Your Coaching Business
When coaches contact me, one thing many of them say is “I’m not a writer.” They can’t see the end of the journey, because they believe they must write a long book, and shouldn’t it be with a publisher? Not really. If you are online and meeting your target audience, you are in the right spot. Your audience is like [...]

A Post a Day is a Book or More a Year

A Post a Day is a Book or More a Year
by Nina Amir An enormous amount of people have the desire to become authors. In fact, 81 percent of all Americans say someday they will write a book, but someday only arrives for about two percent of that population. More and more people become bloggers each year, not necessarily because they have dreams of becoming authors. In fact, curren [...]

Do You Know Your Non-Fiction BookR...

Do You Know Your Non-Fiction Books Best Target Audience?
One question I ask emerging authors is… “Who is your primary audience (target market)?” They often say, “Everyone needs my message.” They have an idea and just start writing. They don’t think ahead with a marketing point of view, so sadly their books and their services don’t sell well. My answer is [...]

Publish Online - Realize Your B...

Publish Online  Realize Your Book Dream with a Powerful System
If you haven’t realized the book success you wanted last year, here’s one way to join the 5% Club and create much bigger results. Use the Power of Visualization When you see, hear, and feel your book project already manifested through specific outcomes, you’ll be in the 5% Club of the top success group. It’s far easier [...]

Do You Really Want to Write A Book?

Do You Really Want to Write A Book?
What Makes a Book Profitable? Do you think you have something significant to share with your audience? Is what you have to say something new? Or something that will really make a difference in the world, that your audience is ready for? If you said yes to any of these questions, you have a reason to write a book. And that is the first step [...]

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