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Seven Success Secrets of Successful A...

Seven Success Secrets of Successful Authors
If you are not the author you want to be yet, incorporate the following seven success secrets into your overall plans. Please feel free to comment and add your own secrets and the end. 1. Treat your book as a business. You spend many hours creating a masterpiece to help your audience. It follows then that you need to set up a regular time sch [...]

Nonfiction Writers Conference and ear...

Nonfiction Writers Conference and early Bird Special
This year’s Nonfiction Writers Conference is already generating lots of buzz and I wanted to remind you that their super early bird discount of 50% off ends this Thursday, February 28th! They are also giving away the Kindle edition of Guy Kawasaki’s new book (Author Publisher Entrepreneur: How to Publish a Book) to the first 50 pe [...]

Want to be a Best Selling Author and ...

Want to be a Best Selling Author and Grow Your Business with a Book?
SkillBites, an innovative resource center for learning important skills quickly, will be hosting a free Author Summit on… November 5 - 9, 2012 from 1-2:30pm EST Please click here to register for this free opportunity! “We are excited to hold our first Author Summit and are thrilled with the terrific speakers we’ve got lined up,” e [...]

The 5 Most Popular Book Coaching Arti...

The 5 Most Popular Book Coaching Articles in 2012
Which book writing, marketing, and self-publishing articles on my bog have resonated the most with readers? Which received the most views? The most social media activity? Which do people find useful and informative? As we approach the holidays and 2012 starts to wind down, I look back at the blog posts you and others have visited and shared. [...]

What Do You Think It Takes To Be A Su...

What Do You Think It Takes To Be A Successful Book Writer?
Maybe your story is like mine. I write because I love it! For me, “successful” has taken much of my adult life. Success in my book (pardon the pun) means writing for my audience who needs a variety of help in getting their books written, published, and marketed. That’s because in 1986, a college and adult school teacher, [...]

How to Write a Best Selling Book Titl...

How to Write a Best Selling Book Title
If you want to know how to write your book’s best book title, you need to brainstorm with your peers by sending a survey with 10 sample titles specific to your target audience. Have them vote from 1-10 (10 being best). They might also suggest new or revised titles to use. Before you start though, read the five tips and your coach’ [...]

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