Wonder if you’re thinking new goals for 2018?

For myself, here’s a few of my favorite ways to connect with my ideal audience-fast track entrepreneurs.

  • Posting and commenting in 5-6 Business Book and Business Groups on LinkedIn.
  • Writing and posting business and book success blogs bi weekly, web, LI, FB and Twitter.
  • Running an active LinkedIn group of 16,500 business people writing/marketing

Warning Warning! Insane Again or Changing to Grow?

After a web analysis, around 1500 of the 7000 site members were not opening my blogs or emails. When you sell from your website, that means trouble.

What Changes Will I Make in 2018? (To me, changes allow new solutions)

1. Connect with subscribers-Is Our Relationship Over? Sent 3 personal messages that stirred up my audience to say “I’m still with you!”

Left alone, many of them fade away.

2. Revise our blog content-to be more engaging, helpful, entertaining, motivating .

  • tell more engaging stories
  • Add in parenthesis in subject lines of your email offers (what’s inside that will motivate them) Free is good.
  • know what my audience genuinely wants ( go deeper for their motivation, no success habits that stop them)
  • make the content stand out, not blend in.
  • experiment with new content forms I turned away from before.(graphics, short tips w image)

2. Stop groping for new website traffic in Social Media. It’s so crowded, not many see you. Focus on who you really want.

3. Dial direct in a message campaign to your high end (generally marketers)audience who has gone before you.

4. Engage with the go to people in your field through short messages to first offer some assistance, to lighten their load. Perhaps offering a recommendation, a helpful contact or resource.

5. Write new goals that reach out to the audience you want to help. Open your mind: Start some conversations! (in those messages. )

  • Offer 1/2 hour free discovery session for your potential client to get some answers while you demonstrate your expertise and charming self.
  • Educate and entertain continuously. I just created 15 Tough Love Tips for Business Authors. They are short, even outrageous. Tweak your writing so it stands out from the crowd.

What keeps me going after 30 years in book coaching is staying unique (Quirky is OK). And to keep reaching beyond my comfort zone. As Chris Rock wrote on his wall for his recent special, “Comfort is the Poison.” I agree, wonder if do you?

Know that change is inevitable, if you embrace it or not. After research and interacting more with your ideal audience, you will have the chance to show them the value you bring to the table.

Adapting to change is a choice.

I’m choosing to change because I love my work and it’s all worth it.

What ahas did you get from this article?

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