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Create Maximum Non-Fiction eBook Sales with Subtitles

Spain?To confess my own inadequacies, I once wrote a short book titled Spain. I’d always wanted to go there, so for my 10th grade English class, I created and illustrated my book, Spain. Not clever, and totally way too general to attract any particular audience. It did have some great pictures though.

So many authors (maybe you) think of catchy and clever titles to serve as a teaser and hook your main audience. Yet, to get your book well known and multiply sales way beyond the few hundred sales you make without proactive marketing, you need to add a book subtitle.

First, after the book title and colon or dash, include the promise of your book, (specific benefits to your primary reader).

Remember, benefits sell well; features only describe. Your primary audience does not like generalities; they want specifics on what your book promises and delivers. Examples include: great health, wealth, better relationships, and business savvy.

Second, include your specific audience in your subtitle.

Instead of business people, say solopreneurs, chiropractors, and specific entrepreneurs such as attorneys and other professionals such as consultants, coaches and therapists. They tend to talk academia and legalese, not engage their audience. They tell what they know instead of finding out what their readers want to know. This style can kill sales fast.

Third, make your book findable in the huge book offerings online.

That means you need to include a keyword phrase that your readers may plug into Google and other search engines. Write the book for your audience and what they want, not just a good idea and everyone should want it. Good book ideas need premarketing help that almost no newbies pay attention to.

Which of these subtitle tips helps you with your book title?

Do you know another one to add to this?

Leave a comment, so I can help you further.

  • LorenMGG

    Great recommendations… am currently working on my 2nd book and putting together the subtitle… Thanks for the reminders. I always get a lot out of your messages.! Thank you.

  • Thom Reece

    Profitable and immediately usable insights, Judy. Thank You. I have shared this.

  • judycullins

    Hey Thom, I really appreciate your words—profitable and immediately usable tips. I’ve been learning this game for 30 years, and it’s starting to show! what’s your latest book titled? Keep up the good work.

  • judycullins

    You are welcome Lauren. Thanks for the kind words. Keep reading—new posts are coming! What’s your new title?

  • Thom Reece

    Ah… you’re just a puppy. ;-) I have you beat by about ten years. You’re prettier than I am though. :-) The working title of the newest book {couple of months away} is “26-Marketing Gems for Book Marketers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, & Content Creators …” based on my own experience. I have come to the self-publishing arena late in my life {70} and I am loving it. You are a great resource… thanks for what you do.

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