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Take your Book and Business from OK to Booming!

Dear Reader,

Are you a reluctant marketer? Think it’s too hard? You’ll have a new learning curve to promote online? It doesn’t matter where you are now, it matters where you end up. And I know like me, you want to end up with enough profits each month to live well, take an occasional vacation, and even put your daughter through college.

If you are like me, you want the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to promote your book or business. Almost five years ago, my business made an important transformation. From just ambling along to jumping to top income and fun. Since I like to vacation 2 months a year, the ten books I sell on my Web site and on Amazon must keep selling well each month. And the methods for promotion I teach are equally good for small business owners and professionals too. I found the ways and I want to share them with you.

Two eBooks I wrote from my experience that I now offer to you at a discounted price of only $49.95 are called

The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic $30.00
How to Submit to Top Web Sites-Step-by-Step-Includes 100+ URLs $39.95

To Order:
Toll Free number 866-200-9743 (Pacific Daylight Time 9a.m.-6p.m.)
Click Bank

Benefits in these Two Books:

  • Reach 1000’s to 100’s of thousands daily of your targeted market
  • Promote your business and book an easy and fun way
  • Save 60+ hours of research to fine these over 100 Web site addresses
  • Save time and energy by promoting at your home office
  • Reach hundreds of thousands of your target audience
  • Spend far less time to promote–less than 8 hours a week
  • Use proven free # 1 Online Marketing Technique
  • Give high traffic Web sites new content they want (win-win)
  • Become a recognized expert
  • Increase your clients many fold
  • Increase your ezine subscribers 10-25 a day
  • Increase your free, targeted web traffic ten fold and more
  • Get quality links from top high traffic sites to your site
  • Increase your page rank dramatically in Google and other search engines
  • Viral marketing at its best–better than submitting to opt-in ezines
  • Meet wonderful, savvy people around the world
  • Gain an incredible presence on the Internet – a presence that equates to higher revenues

Note: Judy spent over 60 hours gathering the research in these two eBooks to save you time so you can just click on the site and start submitting in minutes.

“The Internet is the greatest free marketing tool ever, and Judy Cullins The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic can help everybody and anybody market better Online more quickly.”
-Mary Westheimer, BookZone.com, the Net’s largest publishing community

“This is a remarkable book, full of proven techniques, great suggestions, and useful references. Judy has put together what deserves to be one of the basic resources for the industry. The best part is that you can read the whole thing and be well on your way to making it work in the time it would take you to get 2 or 3 chapters through someone else’s book. I really like The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic”
-Robert Goodman, Silvercat Communications, San Diego, California “Written and printed communication and publishing services”

“The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic by Book and Internet Marketing Coach Judy Cullins is chock full of tips, tools, and Online resources (alone worth the price of the book). Follow Judy’s success system for writing and submitting articles to opt-in ezines, and creating your own ezine aimed at a targeted audience to win sales by building credibility, trust and continual contact.”
-Dan Poynter, author of The Self Publishing Manual and Writing Non-Fiction.

“WOW! MY SALES LETTER WORKED!!!! THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for presenting your 3-session teleclass and eBook The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic You helped me focus on who my target market really is– a major accomplishment. Knowing the difference between benefits and features helped me produce a sales letter that got me a $250 sale the next day I put it up on my site.”

Why submit articles to top Web sites?

  • Get huge targeted traffic to your Web site that means more sales.
  • Puts you out as a savvy expert in your field.
  • Best way to sell eBooks or Print.
  • Raise income 2-3-4 or more times a month.
  • Increase ezine subscribers.
  • Free publicity–7 times better than all others.
  • Helps get your unique word out to help others to a better life
  • Works much better than submitting to fickle opt-in ezines.
  • Makes you look like the expert-to attract people to your site

What Web sites to submit to?

  • Top 20 in business, then in your area of expertise
  • Business sites offer many categories including personal growth
  • Web visitors are hungry for your useful information

Is it worth your time?

  • You write the articles-say 1 hour per page at first
  • Can write an article in 1/2 hour
  • Delegate the submitting to an $8-$10 hr assistant
  • Takes 6-8 hours a week total–less as you keep practicing
  • Can recycle your article many ways ie. 7 ways, 10 way, change the audience
  • My assistant submits to 15 sites in an hour -3 articles each 2 times a week

How Do I organize this game?

  • List of your key words including your name and city
  • Your article category
  • Description–the article intro with the hook
  • Article ready in text pad. www.textpad.com (free download)
  • A ready to go password and user name of 8 characters or more.
  • Create a folder in excel or word to keep track of dates, article titles and autoresponder numbers. (the how tos are in the books)

How Do I Submit? -Step by Step Sample

  • Visit www.topten.org to submit a “nugget”
  • Scroll down to Create a Nugget-choosing top ten
  • Notice other choices on this site, so investigate
  • Follow instructions as you go
  • Complete instructions for step-by-step submission are in the book, “How to Submit to Top Websites Step-by-Step Including 100 URLs of Business Sites” (Each has many categories).

In Judy’s two books in the special offer below, she explains and illustrates how to do this game step by step. Sample web sites and their steps to submit, 100 URLs so you don’t have to spend hours researching where the useful top sites are. Also, how to write a premium article that will get published and how to parlay one article into many. And much more. See the table of contents below.

Tip: To win at this game you need 3 things:

    Why Choose Judy Cullins’ Expertise and Books?

    • She gets 3500 targeted visitors a day
    • She boosted her clients from 7 to 17 in two months
    • She maintains at least 10 business and book clients a month
    • She’s known as the book and internet marketing expert
    • Sales went from $1200 to $4000 a month–still growing.
    • Google her name and up comes 65,000 + sites she’s listed on with a link back to where she sells her products and services.
    • She makes enough money to vacation 2 months a year in exotic places.
    • She’s a non-techie like you, and can make your adventure easier.

    Two eCourse Specials that Sell for $69.95 Until January 30, 2005 Now, Only $49.95!

    ECourse One: “The Fast and Cheap Way to Targeted Web Traffic” ($30)

    Table of Contents

    Ch. One. Sixteen Steps for Preparation
    Ch. Two. Why Write and Submit Free Articles to Promote Your Business Online?
    Ch. Three. How to Write Your Short Article Fast
    Ch. Four. How to Submit Your Articles to Opt-in No Spam Ezines
    Ch. Five. How to Submit Your Articles to Top Web Sites
    Ch. Six. Market Your Business Through Your Own Ezine
    Ch. Seven. How to Drive People to Your Site to Buy Your Products and Services
    Ch. Eight. Generate Targeted Traffic Through Reciprocal Links
    Ch. Nine. Sell Your Product or Service With Your Own Web Site and Blog
    Ch. Ten. Online Networking: It’s an Adventure, Not a Job!

    Special Bonus Reports Included in the 115 pages

    21 Power Words to Attract Attention to Your Web Site
    How to Write Short Ads to Sell your Books or Business
    Get Top Search-Engine Ranking Using Keyword Strategies
    Bring Your Visitors Back Clamoring for More! Maintain and
    Improve Your Web Site Weekly
    Save Promotion Money: Attract the Right Audience to your Web Site
    “How to Submit Articles to Top Web Sites: Step-by-Step-with 100 Business and other categories URLs (sells for $39.95).

    ECourse One: “Submit Articles to Top Web Sites Step-by-Step Includes 100+ Business URLs. $39.95-will be $59.95 in 2006

    Table of Contents

    Section One: Why Submit Art idles?
    Section Two: How to Organize your Files
    Section Four: Sample Web Sites
    Section Five: How to Submit-Step-by Step
    Bonus Report: 100 Business Article Submission Web Site URLs

    Inside this short, put powerful book, you will find how-tos’, tips, and hundreds of resources to make your promotion easier and more fun. Everything you need to get that visibility you want.

    Treasures Inside Include

  • Sample ad to use for your low cost assistant.
  • Best ways to organize your promotion to find all in less than a minute
  • Easier, quicker submission using textpad program from www.textpad.com
  • How to build and use the right key words the Web sites want
  • How to write your strong bio so people will swarm to your site
  • Autoresponder tips to multiple your sales exponentially
  • Ten ways to format and leverage your article’s success
  • How to make 3 articles out of one for faster writing.
  • Eighteen ways to edit your articles as you go
  • Sample Web sites in many categories including health and personal growth
  • Exact steps to submit 3 articles in less than 10 minutes for ten sites
  • PLUS Bonus Report of 100 Business Web sites URLs with hundreds of categorize

    Perhaps you resist. You think it will take too long, cost too much money, or you really aren’t savvy enough. Remember that marketing/promotion/publicity- are the only actions that bring profits to your business, or sell a lot of books.

    Why Trust Judy Cullins Information?

    She walks her talk and shows you each step of the way. Easy enough for a non-techie to follow!

    Judy’s Results you Can Have Too

    -3500 plus Web visitors and potential customers visit her site each day

    -Raised monthly Web sales from $75 to $3000 (8 mo) over $4500 in 2005.

    -Increased book and Internet business coaching clients from 7 to 17 in two months. Keeps 15 clients a month.

    -Increased search engine placement to # 1 in Google, Yahoo and 35 others. Number one in 2000. Still number 1 or 2 in 2005. ( use “bookcoaching”)

    -Increased ezine subscribers 15-25 a day (total 4500)

    -Increased contacts from email (now over 7500)

    -Published articles and tips-over 205 articles and 200 tips in over 65,000 Web sites growing 1000 each two weeks. To check this figure just Google “Judy Cullins” You can also Google your own name.

    -Listed on 65,000 Web sites with a hyperlink back to her Web site where she sells her services and products. This viral marketing number grows over 1000 each few weeks. .

    100% Guarantee Judy says that after reading, then implementing the how to’s for 90 days, you will certainly see your increased dollar successes. So, after you skim, read, and take regular action each week, and you don’t have any success, just ask for a refund and Judy will smile as she gives it to you. (She can’t imagine this happening, though)

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