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The Business Tip of the Month - December 2003

"Free Ways to Optimize your Search Engine Placement"
Judy Cullins c. 2003

1. Include your best key words and phrases in the opening paragraph of each article you submit to ePublishers and top Web sites. Search engines pick up these and you get higher in the top search engines. Expand your keywords through visiting When you are in the top 10, many more people will visit your Web site.

2. Include your best key words in your title bar just below your banner on your home page.For instance, "Book writing, book publishing, and book marketing." Apply this idea to your service or products.

3. Include various key words at the top of your home page in headlines, and on all other important pages. From the links (navigational bars) such as "teleclasses," "seminars," "coaching information," or "media page," your visitor will click to your sales information for each topic. At the top will be your headline loaded with appropriate key words.

His basic optimizing strategy is to build a content-rich site, with a lot of articles and pages about the theme of your product or service. A large content-rich site is useful because each one of these pages serves as a mini-website attracting searchers looking for various aspects of your offerings. Also, the more content you have, the higher the page ranking and the better the placement your site will get in search results. This is a crucial factor if you are in a very competitive category.