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The Business Tip of the Month - July 2005

"Why Write Free Articles to Promote my Book? -- Thirteen Reasons"
Judy Cullins c. 2005

1. Reach 1000 to 500,000 targeted buyers every day

2. It's free and you can delegate it to an assistant.

3. It takes just a little time--about 6 hours a week
4. You easily reach your targeted audience.

5. Writing and submitting articles brings you free publicity and is far more productive than a press release.

6. Submitting articles makes you the savvy expert, hence more clients.

7. Each time you submit your ezine subscribers go up 10-25.

8. Like me, you can be listed on over 4500 sites with a link back to yours.

9. You get global attention each time your article gets on other sites.

10. Like me, you can get your site listed high on search engines.

11. This is the #1 way to get qualified, targeted potential buyers to your Web site.

12. People online want and need your free information and with your sig file, your book sales will amaze you.

13. When other authors use your articles, you get great word-of-mouth.
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