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The Business Tip of the Month - March 2004

"Three Tips to Write Articles to Publicize Your Business"
Judy Cullins c. 2004

If you have spent time and money down the drain waiting for "word of mouth" to kick in, or multiple hours on networking meetings, you may want to investigate this number one way to publicize your service. Beginners welcome. And, once you learn the skills, you can delegate it all to your office assistant.

Here's the Top Three Tips:
1. It's totally free.

Once you subscribe to 5-10 opt-in ezines such as [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected], you can start submitting your professionally edited articles that relate to your service or products. For a list of many more ePublishers in all categories, check out the "How to Market your Business Online" eBook.

You will get many emails from other authors too, so make your articles' email a separate one from your business account. This number one free publicity will bring many targeted visitors to your site where you present a link to information about your coaching services.

2. You can reach from 10,000 to 500,000 of your targeted audience each day that you submit an article.

These people subscribe to the opt-in ezines and surf the top sites in their fields to get free information. When your articles get published, you will be at the top of well-known online small business people who provide a great service.

Remember Bill Gates prediction: After 2000, you either take your business Online, or you won't have one.

3. You will spend far less time promoting Online than more traditional ways.

When you spend your time each week writing a short article from 300-800 words (about an hour for each), you can then delegate the submissions to your low-cost office computer assistant. Total time promoting? Less than six hours a week.

This is the best money I spend because after the initial submissions, my assistant's time to submit to ezines is less than 10 minutes per time. And that's to 60 plus opt-in ezines. Submitting to Web sites takes more time, maybe 10-15 minutes for each site. We have a list of 20 plus top Web sites who want my particular information. We submit two articles at a time to save time, and many sites carry up to 100 of my articles. The more, the merrier, because these not only put you in the Top-Ten sites through the search engines, but bring you many new potential clients.
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