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The Business Tip of the Month - March 2006

Book Marketing Myth." I don't have enough time to market."
Judy Cullins c. 2006

This complaint is common. While authors may love to write, they don't love to market. They wish that someone else would do it for them. This not-enough time comment is really an excuse.

Saying you don't have time for this is to say, "I don't want to make money from my book. Why? Because marketing and promotion are the only actions that do make authors money.

While important, writing a book isn't enough. It does not sell until it's published. Publishing doesn't guarantee high sales. In fact publishers don't market or promote, except for a book tour with an intern of questionable value. Publishers spend money on famous authors. The advance royalties must be paid back through book sales, too.

Marketing implies a lot more steps for the author to take. They will eventually need a Web site with their book's sales letter on it. They will need to get coaching on the copy that goes on their Web home page. They need to know how to reach their audience to get them to the Web site. . They will have to spend a little money on these actions, but if seen as a necessary investment, they will then realize the profits they dreamed about.

Possible Solutions

1. Change your attitude. Treat your book as a business. Realize that marketing and promotion are the only activities that convince your audience to take out their credit card and buy.

2. Know that you do have enough time. Twenty-four hours each day. If you don't make marketing one of the top four priorities in your life, your book sales will stay flat. So, love your friends and family, your spiritual life, but make time to love your book too. Put 1-3 High Level Activities in your daily to do section of your organizer that feeds your marketing projects.

3. Open up to great #one way to market-the Internet. When you reach this audience of millions, you create certainty that your message will reach them. And, they will buy, because they go to Web sites for information. As an Internet marketing coach, my favorite method takes less than nine hours a week. It shows me as the savvy expert in the fields of bookwriting, publishing, and marketing.

4. Learn how to incorporate marketing into your day from a good coach. Read books, take teleclasses, connect with a professional book coach. Then, delegate the few hours a week to an in-office assistant. They can submit articles to top Web sites and ezines for you. You just do what you do best--write short articles, excerpts and tips.

5. Stop doing what is not servicing your book goals. Bypass so many meetings, workshops, networking offline, social events, house care, and shopping. Notice how they steal your time and don't give you the payoff you desire.

Don't let your unsold books go to waste. Reach out to learn how to do what it takes, step-by-step, so you can feel proud of your book because you fulfilled your dream-helping your readers to a better life.

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