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The Business Tip of the Month - December 2003

"Benefits vs. Features: Know the Difference!"
Judy Cullins c. 2003

Entrepreneurs know their business. They know their product, their service. Many of them write creative Web sites. But, one thing they are not as adept at is promotional copy.

It's not the book, it's the hook! It's not the beautiful Web site, it's the one with benefit-driven headlines that lead your visitor straight to your sales message, so your business will thrive. What you say outside the covers matters. What you say about your service on your site must be so much more powerful than your pleasing personality.

Always promote with benefits over features. Benefits show the value of your products. They solve your particular audience's problem! They tell your clients and customers what they will gain--and what they will lose from your product or service. Some common benefits include: more money, less trouble, more time, less stress, desirable relationships, less drama and trauma, and more zest and energy, less fatigue.

Getting Started:
1. Write down a list of 5-10 benefits of each product and service. Your clients and customers don't want to know only how to get their book written, they want to know why should they write it? How much will their business thrive from putting that effort out? Will they get more credibility, more trust, and more lifelong income?

2. Write down specific benefits. Include how your customer will feel after buying your product. For instance, after you buy my book or product, you'll look and feel 10 years younger without a face-lift. Let them see a picture of what it's like to be the happy author, who sells enough books to take that Caribbean vacation each year.

3. Include some of your personality in your promotion copy. "My book is less than the price of a good dinner, with wine of course!" And the skills in it will serve you every day for as many times as you choose to duplicate your results.

Always answer your customers, "Why should I buy your product or service?" with strong benefits that will help them decide and solve their problem. Benefits sell.
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