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The Business Tip of the Month - October 2005

"Brand Parts of Your Book and Table of Contents to Sell More Books"
Judy Cullins c. 2005

Branding your book sets yours apart from all the others. Notice famous self-help authors using their title’s brand throughout their book. You can brand your book title and each chapter title within it too. You can also brand parts such as sidebars and tips you put into each chapter.

For a book called, “Passion at Any Age” I rewrote each chapter title to mention a form of the word, “passion.” In the annotated Chapter 1 “Attracting Passion” title, benefits included were: “Expand fulfillment, overcome resistance, communicate clearly and come from the heart.” Like me, within each chapter you can brand your tips or other side matter. “Passion Hot Line Tips” supports the book’s title.

You can brand your business like one business client of mine. He changed his book title many times, but finally he used "The Smiling Owner-How to Build a Great Small Business." He added a visual every businessperson can connect to. He worked the "Smiling Owner" metaphor into his how to's and tips throughout his chapters.

Format each chapter in your book. Your consistency, your organized, focused copy will compel your reader to want to read every chapter because they are easy to understand.
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