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The Business Tip of the Month - September 2006

"Write a Short Book and Prosper"
Judy Cullins c. 2006

Imagine yourself a published non-fiction author! Imagine what a print or eBook book would do for your business?

You don't have to write a 200-page book to be credible. In fact, print and eBook readers want short, easy-to-read information. These online as well as offline audiences want their challenges solved. They don't want to read all the stories. A short easy to read book with useful information is the biggest reason people buy books.

Fact: You can write your print and eBook at the same time.You simply create two Word files--one for print and one for your eBook. You can sell the eBook first, then when you know it's a winner, put a longer version into print.

Ebooks can make you a lot of income. Many coaches, consultants, and solo professionals brand their business with a short book. It acts like a business card. Some charge for it and some give it away free. It attracts clients because you become known as the savvy expert in your field. People turn to you when they want information on a particular topic.

How short?

Write an eBook of only 20-99 pages. Yes, it is as worthy as a long book. Your online audience will love its brevity. They want solutions fast and easy. Why does an author need the dinosaur traditional publishing ways to be professional? Wouldn't you rather get your book out now than wait up to two years? Wouldn't you rather get your book out to your audience fast where they go for information? And, that of course, would be the internet, not a bookstore.

So, write your book fast and get it out marketing your business and selling like a winner. Now, your cash flows well and you can put more time and a little money into online promotion.

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