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3 Tips to Solve Obstacles that Hold Back Your eBook Profits

What! Spend just as much time on marketing as writing? This can’t be, you say. Yes, it’s true.

So if you’re writing a book, finish the one book before you move on to book #2. If you don’t, it’s really a form of procrastination.

So if it’s time to market your book (and it is time half way through your book) create a marketing and book’s promotion platform. To really be successful with large profits from your book, you must finish #1 project before you move on to #2.

Many emerging authors and business people don’t pay attention to marketing or promoting themselves and put their attention on multiple projects such as writing other books, articles, and reports, rather than finish and publish and get the book on their site to sell.

While doing these multiple projects looks like productivity, but it’s not effective productivity. Because you are not focusing on what you don’t need to do NOW. What’s the highest pay off project to do NOW to get to your business goals? (maybe you don’t have a marketing plan in action yet-you need to).

Because you can’t sell more books by writing more books, only by marketing the ones you have now. Marketing may be your next step. It should happen long before your book is finished, but many new writers don’t know why this is so important.

Take it from an author who has published successfully 13 books on book writing, marketing and social media marketing. And coached 1000′s of others like yourself who wanted to do the next right move (the move to get to the finish line-profits).

Do you resist online marketing?

Do you know why you resist?

It’s probably some kind of fear of exposing yourself as a not quite professional in some way. Procrastination is one form of fear. Fear of not being a good enough writer is one fact I got in a survey to my writing groups. Fear of not standing out in the marketplace is another. Fear of not wanting to because of money, short cut time and mistakes that could cost you more than a little coaching.

What you Resists, Persists!

You who resist must know that the marketing message will persist and keep biting you in the backside if you don’t finally bite the bullet and take some small action. One step at a time.

From one Linkedin member of my group:
‘”If I had paid attention to successful authors advice who advised me to market much more than I thought, I’d have sold a lot sooner.”

So here’s 3 Solutions for the Brave and Bold:

1. Take stock of your strengths, expertise, weaknesses, and fears. Do what you do best, and hire the rest!

Investing in training and delegation of small stuff will move you forward like the gurus do. When I created my 13 books’ and coaching sales letters, I hired a webmaster who knew HTML, and marketing too. Once up, and with my own ability to market with my blog and article marketing, we raised sales to match.

2. Believe and trust in your book project.

If it’s good then it’s worthy of more marketing. If it’s not, drop it and learn how to build a business foundation before you leap, so you will get that desired income. Get some bookcoaching to find proper clarity and a profitable focus for yourself.

3. Schedule 3 High Level Activities (HLA) daily in your organizer.

They must be specific and measurable, so no cheating with general things like “Write on my book” What book? What chapter title? Smile. I use Hootsuite to send out 2 messages each day that show up at my Facebook Fan Page, and my Linkedin profile page, so this has grown my web’s visitor numbers by 57% in just 4 months.

These tips could go on. In fact they do!

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