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eBook Sales Compete Well with Traditional Publishing Models

New and aspiring fiction and non-fiction authors won’t get much attention from publishers and won’t get much of an advance these days.

Publishers are calling the great eBook success a “digital disruption.”

Not true from my point of view. eBooks are gaining acceptance. eBook sales are strong-think about 3 1/2 billion in 2010. That’s enough for most of you to make plenty of ongoing income from an eBook you write, (with a little book coaching, and selling it from your own business Web site (with the correct sales letter).

So, why not write and sell your eBook yourself? You don’t really need an ebook publisher whose job is to get your ebook published, and sold from their Web site. But, with most of them, you must charge a low price of about $3.95 for fiction. For non-fiction, you can charge more.

Publishers say that their book sales are down because of the web, which entertains endlessly and replaces book reading. And it’s the weak economy!

Book Coach Says…

What I know from 11 years online, is that most of my new clients come for eBook writing and promotion coaching. They use their eBook to brand themselves and business. They sell many copies too, because they take time to learn short cut promotions that take little time for the effort.

Publish your eBooks Yourself

Why share most of your sales profit with your ePublisher?

Your print book that sells for $28 which gives $14 to your publisher and 15% to you, the author for $4.20. An ePublisher who sells your ebook with his many others at his site for $4.95-$12.95, will make 70% from your book and you the author will get 25% of that 70% of $12.95 leaving you with a little more than $2.00 a book.

Book Coach’s Reality Check. Know that it takes a lot of individual marketing and promotion your ePublisher won’t do.

So aspiring authors, it’s time to smarten up, and check out a coach who guarantees your book’s success, and teaches you how to do an easy publishing format, as long as you learn the skills sets for pre-marketing, and your promotion platform, and the skills you need to make all of your words hook, please and entertain your readers.

If you publish your eBook yourself, you will get practically all the profits, except for your web copy and marketing coaching and online marketing expenses. And these are investments, really, because they bring you more sales than your coaching investments.


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