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5 Strategies to Create an eBook
that Practically Writes and Sells Itself

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Dear Aspiring and Business eBook Writers,

You may already know me as a 25 year book coach, who has coached thousands over the years, from New York publishing to self-publishing with print and eBooks. But eBooks boost more sales than print books for any part of your business.

You know me as a giver. Today, I am offering you my ebook teleseminar Mp3 recording "5 Strategies to Create an eBook That Practically Writes and Sells Itself" that is part of the roadmap to creating a successful eBook and business.

What One Client Says...

"Judy Cullins is the go-to person for writing your book and marketing it. She helped me some years ago to pre-sell my book before it was printed. Genius I say. I have hired Judy over the years. Her warm humor keeps me going when I get stressed or discouraged. I urge you to contact Judy if you are moving on an important book or web project. She delivers!
Jeanne Sharbuno, PCC
52 Ways to Live Success...From the Inside Out!

Do These Questions Fit You?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and put your eBook on the back burner?
  • Are you frustrated with the slow progress you're making on your eBook?
  • Are you so confused about what will work and what won't work, that you've lost your motivation?
  • Do you work and can't find the time for your eBook?

You are not alone.

"In just 2 sessions with Judy I learned how to transfer my expertise into an organized, focused, and readable chapter. In Chapter One called "The Things you Did for Love," from my upcoming eBook, we figured out a compelling format to transfer to the rest of my chapters, making the rest of the book easier and faster to write. Judy showed me how to flesh out my stories, use headlines with pizzazz to guide and inspire my readers. I'm so much more confident now that I know what to do next."
Joanne Victoria
Lighting Your Path and Vision With a Capital V

Now see the Benefits and Why you Must Buy this Mp3 Recorded Teleseminar!

  • Discover how to know if your book is significant enough to sell.

  • Know who your best audience is that will buy your book so you aren't disappointed with your book and website sales.

  • Discover how to differentiate it in the marketplace - to make your eBook stand out from the crowd.

  • Realize the negative myths and beliefs that stop you from producing your eBook.

  • Know how to stop your worries, for instance, that it's too much money and effort for the payoffs.

  • Discover how to get feedback and the right focus on your book before you invest much money in it.

This is a completely fresh Mp3 teleseminar filled with how to content--no fluff!--that I have never presented before!

Judy interviewed by
John DiPietro...

John DiPietro is a marketing executive with award winning experience in many phases of the media including print, radio, broadcast TV, cable TV and social media. He has hosted and produced several TV shows including Top Entrepreneur, Wellness Now and is a frequent guest on radio and TV shows across the nation. He interviews Bookcoach Judy Cullins for this event so you can finally get a marketable eBook created.

"Judy Cullins, you are like a breath of fresh air--definitely laser. You really helped me gain clarity and understanding in that 30 minutes re target audience for my book and website than I have ever done. Before you, I spent the last few months wondering who my target audience is and wham bam... in 30 minutes you nailed it... so much easier now for me to proceed and finish my eBook on yoga for stressed out business women over 50, market it, and write a sales letter for my site. Thanks so much. I know you have loads more tips up your sleeve. I'll be back!"
Ntathu Allen

What else will you get from this recording?

  • You'll gather momentum to keep your eBook project alive.
  • You'll learn from a master book coach who knows marketing and what step to do next.
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"Working with a successful author like Judy Cullins is inspiring! Her insight and infectious enthusiasm did boost my confidence and energy because a writer's world at times, is a lonely one. It was worth taking the time and Judy's suggestions to make my eBook more salable--to get it right. Judy helped change my writing frustration into a more creative energy, by showing me how to view the project from a different angle. As a result I finally completed my first eBook.
Diana Todd-Banks
Your Estate Organizer

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