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The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Your Targeted Web Traffic

Quadruple Your Business Profits In Only Five Months!

Imagine 1000's to 5000's visitors coming to your site each day. Think of your hugely increased database that helps you with continued, regular promotion. See thousands of readers viewing your articles each day on high-traffic web sites! Know that you can attract high level clients and sell more packages and books than you've ever dreamed of!

Judy Cullins, Your Internet Marketing Coach
Date: 2006

Dear Fellow Business Person,

Would you Like to Get These Results?

  • Brand yourself as the savvy expert in your field.

  • Sell more books than ever before.

  • Attract 1000's of targeted prospects to your web site-each day.

  • Get high money results at zero or little cost.

  • Publicize and promote your business easily and effortlessly.

  • Attract high functioning clients to up level your service business.

  • Leverage your marketing to an over-the-top web presence.

  • Expand your articles to print, in books, and on 100's of web sites.

  • Reap the money and status results when people know you as the savvy expert in your field.

  • Show your potential clients and customers why you are the one to choose-through your articles.

  • "The Internet is the greatest Free marketing tool ever, and Judy Cullins' three books The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Your Targeted Web Traffic, Advanced Article Marketing, and How to Submit to web Sites with 100 URLs can help everybody and anybody market better online more quickly."

    -Mary Westheimer

    Maybe you've tried marketing that isn't working now. I mean not rewarding you enough money for the time and effort you put into it. Press releases. Ads. Publishing your own ezine. Talks. Link exchanges. Joint ventures. Teleseminars. You know itís insanity to keep doing what doesn't work. But what does work? Whatís the best way to market for you?

    Maybe you know about article marketing. You are curious if it really works. Maybe you have already tried submitting a few articles to web sites or article directories. Maybe you think this could take a lot of time, or you aren't a real writer. Or, maybe you didn't submit enough articles to high-traffic web sites on a consistent basisósomething like two a week.

    One thing about marketing, most of us have our favorite ways that are easy for us. If you are a reluctant marketer, article marketing is great because you don't have to tell and sell. As to ease, article marketing allows you to sit at your computer and market directly to your audience. No travel. No pantyhose. No airports. No phoning.

    Article marketing works for speakers who want to showcase their expertise and book more talks. It works for coaches, consultants, and solo professionals who want to be known as the savvy expert in their field, and increase their clients to 15-25. It works for the business-minded author who is willing to do what it takes to make his or her book a big success.

    What I love about this method is the complete freedom it brings me, because I can delegate all the submitting of the articles to directories to my in-office assistant. She can even do this task virtually. It only takes me 30 minutes a day to create new tips and short articles. No more than four hours a week. Then I get to take that well-deserved vacation for a month or more each year. Naturally, I love the vastly increased income each month.

    Maybe itís difficult to make decisions which way is best for you. And which books and programs you need to get enough information and hands on training to make your success real. Maybe like many you wasted some time and money before. I did too. So, Iíd like you to know from my experience and five-year almost guru expertise. (Iím always learning better ways and pass these along to my customers.)

    What you Donít Need

  • Broken promises by big shots, offering expensive programs.

  • Doing the technical things you donít know how to do.

  • Thinking an article service will do it all for you.

  • Making beginner mistakes when you are a professional.

  • Press releases that media don't want. They want tips and articles!

  • Placing ads in newsletters. People want free information, not ads.

  • An expensive publicist who may get you into print, but not enough to make you almost famous.

  • Free teleclasses that give fluff but no substance--sales pitches in disguise that waste your valuable time.

  • What you Do Need

    It's All in this Book! (From the article expert, Judy Cullins, who has walked this talk for five years and succeeded)

    The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic Helps You. . .

  • Discover the #one secret to writing articles that web sites love.

  • Leverage one article to five in no time.

  • Increase article writing production time with ďMuse Stimulators.Ē

  • Triple your article inventory to attract endless web visitors.

  • Know the #1 secret to your web bio that brings readers to your site.

  • Get article best hooks, introductions, and conclusions blueprint.

  • Write the best length articlesódivide and conquer.

  • Format your articles with clarity and punch.

  • Submit with ďStreamlined Submission Technique.Ē

  • Spend only four hours a week on marketing.

  • Create the right signature file so you'll get 1000's of daily visitors.

  • Get over sixty URLs ready for you to submit to now.

  • Learn editing shortcuts to produce your articles much faster.

  • Know which best key words to include in your articles to attract the search engines.

  • The Benefits Never End! Article Market Leverages Your Other Marketing to Big Profits

    1. When you speak for groups, you can collect their email addresses by offering a free report ( recycled longer article) They become part of your database. Use articles as ongoing email promotion.

    2. When you want to do a joint venture, others see your article marketing efforts as increasing your credibility. What I learned from the millionaires I met in Los Angeles. They love article marketing as one favorite way.

    3. Viral Marketing=Real Profits. When others who read your article redistribute it with your resource box of course, and use it on their web site, they will turn to you who can become an "expert article author" on their sites-guaranteeing you even more links back to your site. You are now the savvy expert in your field.

    4. Ezine publishers who use your article spread the word about you to their readers, and on it goes. You are again the expert.

    5. When you publish your own ezine and recycle your articles through web site submissions, your subscribers grown to 20-35 a day each time your article is published! When you submit to 10, 20, then more sites each week, your subscribers grow even more.

    6. Magazines see your articles online and ask you to do a feature for them.

    Article Marketing is Natural! It's Organic!

    And you Can Start Small and Easy

    First, just submit a few articles to 10 web sites. When you see your success and want more, add 10 more web sites. Keep writing short articles from the easy how toís in this book. Get your speed up with the streamlined process your coach shows you.

    Meet the Advanced Article Marketing Coach -Judy Cullins!

    My story may amaze you, yet you will know it's doable for you too. Five years ago, I discovered the internet and its huge benefits over traditional marketing. I found out this online promotion and marketing process to be easier, faster, mostly FREE, and fun (these are top values in my book).

    Five years ago I was a one person office coaching professionals how to write their books. Then when I discovered Article Marketing, I wrote 4 more books for authors, consultants and coaches on how to not only market their books, but their business too. In these, I freely give what worked for me. You benefit from the lessons from many mentors who speeded my journey to my present day success. Now, you donít have to make all the mistakes I did. Because as your mentor, I am here for you now.

    But it wasnít overnight. I didnít come willingly to the internet. Kicking and screaming is more like it. One experienced web master mentored me with my second web site. I learned ad copy as well and how to preplan the site so it would sell the services I wanted to share. From a long-time friend and business associate, I learned how to put it all into coaching packages for both book people and business people with or without books. My bookcoaching business took off and today is still going strong.

    Over the years, I learned a valuable lesson. Do what you do best, and hire the rest! Interesting, I started as a speaker, seminar leader, not a writer. The craft just came over time because to make business a success, I needed writing skills. I learned by doing too. Writing over 20 books over the past years led to writing the definitive one on book writing and publishing. And the Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic book you are considering right now.

    In 2000, I was a "newbie" and a "non-techie." One high school techie assistant led me to to using autoresponders to expand. He sent articles out to ezines and high-traffic web sites that really boosted my ratings in Google and other search engines. Visitors soared.

    In 2001, I continued the natural, organic way to market by writing and submitting articles to article directories and web sites. From 10 articles, my new web site monthly sales were $200, then $1160, then $2200 at eight months. Over $3000 a month in 2002 and 2003. The figures climbed to over $4500 in 2005. In 2006 submitting hundreds of articles each month brings profit growth that has led me to make many new expansions to my business.

    I apply this #one method of online marketing each week to first, get people to my web site and sign up for my ezines. Then eventually to sell new book packages and my coaching. I keep writing short articles and tips. My low-cost computer assistant submits five to ten articles to over 100 web sites each month using my "Streamline Submission Method."

    The cost in time? Only four hours a week marketing time for me, and four hours a week time for my assistant. That works out to be about a half hour a day.

    The cost in money? Anywhere from $40-$60 a week for your assistant who submits the articles. That's more reasonable time and money than any other kind of marketing I know. And, it's far easier than traveling, without disappointment from unread press releases, talks at the back of the room with few sales, and endless calling. With advanced article marketing you can do it all from your home office.

    Inside This Book Youíll Get a Mentor With One Fine Track Record

  • One who has written and submitted over 230 articles and 200 tips to web directories.

  • One who consistently uses article marketing to make her highly boosted income.

  • One who gets 5000 people to her site

  • One who is still number 1 on Google with ďbookcoaching.Ē

  • One who has her articles on over 129,000 with a link back to her site.

  • One whose income has catapulted her to guru/mentor status.

  • One who gets her articles published each week.

  • One who has a full coaching practice.

  • One whose books make half her income.

  • One who enjoys a full life with friends, life partner, and many vacations yearly.

  • Would you Like Some Assistance?

    If you are open and have the willingness, curiosity, and follow through you can multiply exponentially all of your sales, too. The answers are inside The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic.

    Want to buy this printable $59.95 eBook/course now?

    Ways to order

    Buy Explode Target Web Traffic eBook Now!
    Order online securely with your major credit card or Paypal by clicking the tab above.

    2. Call Judy at 619/466-0622 (9-6 PST)

    3. Send check or money order to:

    Judy Cullins
    7000 Melody Lane,
    La Mesa, CA 91942

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    Realize Now that the Best Promotion Opportunities Ever Are Available to People Who Know the Secrets of How to Grab Them!

    "There'll be two types of business in the years following the year 2000 - those Online... and those out of business."

    Marketing Makes your Business Money-All Else Doesn't

    You probably know that marketing is more important than any other aspect of your business, and you may resist this because you think you can't do it and it will take too much money and take too long. If you struggle along and do it totally yourself with no help to expand your results, you will miss lost opportunities while trying to figure out the right combinations and techniques that make productive marketing/promotion work.

    Compare Low/No Cost Article Marketing with Traditional

  • No cost epromotion instead of $300-$500 postcard costs. And the time, forget about it!

  • No envelopes to address-your email sends out your letter for free.

  • You donít have to build your own list. The articles do it for you.

  • Get thousands a day to your site who will give you their email address.


    Internet marketing is mostly free. Web sites and Article Directories want your unique, useful information in any subject area. Business sites contain many categories that may fit your business. Personal Growth, life coaching, business marketing, relationships, family, and more.

    Wouldn't it be great to never again have to work so hard with such little results? Just think of the confidence and power you will gain when you expand yourself in this easy format. Think of the many thousands knowing about your business rather than just a few in a networking meeting.

    When You Use The Internet To Market Your Business Notice the Benefits

  • You reach much greater #'s of your targeted market each month.

  • It's far less trouble -No telling in person - No selling in person.

  • You can eliminate publicity and promotion expenses not working for you.

  • It's more convenient-all from your home office.

  • You will spend far less time.

  • You will spend much less money.

  • You rely are far less people.

  • You experience vast, endless online and offline opportunities.

  • You have a great adventure! People online are so friendly

  • You keep all the profits for yourself.

  • You can leverage your time for multiple, fast sales.

  • You can look like a much larger company with such a great web presence.

  • So, instead of knocking yourself out trying to do it all alone, use the short cuts to big profits in this book. The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic.

    "The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Your Targeted Web Traffic is a fast, easy-to-read course you can make money with in no time. This is a remarkable book, full of proven techniques, great suggestions, and useful references. Judy has put together what deserves to be one of the basic resources for the industry. The best part is that you can read the whole thing and be well on your way to making it work in the time it would take you to get 2 or 3 chapters through someone else's book. I really like this book."

    -Robert Goodman

    With Seven Chapters (see below) and These Five Bonus Reports worth $37.50, youíll know that your total price of $59.95 is a good one. Thatís a total value of $97.45.

    Information is King! Online people want your information, tips, articles, how to's, and stories!

    You will not just read this book, you'll get Judy's coaching you step-by-step, you will get 100's of resources you can use today to save you the 60 hours+ it took Judy to research these. You will wear out your highlighter. Because all the information is important!

    Biggest perk? Judy writes straightforward copy so you skimmers can get your information fast and easy. From her years as a speed reading trainer and authoring a book on that, she knows fast and easy reading needs easy-to-read copy. No fluff. Just useful content delivered in short, easy ways.

    Want to Know Exactly Whatís Inside This Treasure?

    Ch. One. Why Write and Submit Free Articles to Promote Your Business Online?

    Like Mrs. Field's free sample cookies, your best way to get more clients and customers who know you as the savvy expert is to get them to your return to your web site is to write short articles and share them freely online. Acting as testimonials they bring results such as top search engine rankings, build your list numbers exponentially, bring large numbers of daily visitors, and new clients and sales to match. Whether you sell a product or service, articles not only brand your business, they make continuous sales for you.

    Ch. Two. How to Write Your Short Article Fast

    People who buy from you appreciate your useful, unique articles, and feel secure when they read your how to, tip, solution, or interview short articles. Write one in less than an hour and leverage one article to many. Know what articles web sites love so you can get published over and over. Get a blueprint on how to write an outrageous hook, introduction, body and conclusion. Discover why key words will boost your article ratings.

    Ch. Three. How to Submit Your Articles to Opt-in No Spam Ezines

    When you get your word out via articles to thousands, even 100,000s opt-in (no spam) targeted ezine subscribers you give them reasons to visit your web site. This direct submission way is good for the person starting out with article submissions. When others send you an email saying they like your article, add them to your growing ePublisher email list.

    Ch. Four. How to Submit to High-Traffic Web Sites and Ezine Directories

    You can build a huge web presence and connect with top web sites for mutual benefit. They publish your article to give their visitors new content, and you get the readers of articles to visit your site. They appreciate your unique, useful, free information. The handy URLs listed in this book give you at least 60 resources in many fields to start with. With the "Streamlined Submission Method" you or your assistant will spend less than a half hour a day getting your word out--to hundreds of thousands a week.

    Ch. Five. Market Your Business Through an eNewsletter

    When you combine your own ezine with the article submissions, you've hit upon a marriage made in cyberspace heaven. When your readers on those 100's of web sites read your articles, they will return to your site. What for? To subscribe and receive more free information from you. You build your low-number lists to many thousands in less than 6-10 months. Discover why, how to format, where to get content, and how to find subscribers. Get high visibility, create trust, become known as the expert in your field and make sales like the big boys.

    Ch. Six. Sell Your Product or Service With Your Own Web Site or Blog

    Even if you want to promote to local businesses, you need a web site. You'll reach much bigger markets with a site or a blog than with press releases or ads.

    If Donald Trump's winning team used a web site to sell wedding dresses in New York, you can too. Your audience surfs the net. When they see your articles out there, make sure you bring them to an excellent web site whose sale copy does the job for what you want to sell.

    Give visitors a home page that commands action, good content, reasons to buy and easy ways to contact your brick and mortar or order Online. Add a blog or web log to answer questions and let your audience touch you.

    Ch. Seven. Online Networking: It's an Adventure, Not a Job!

    Your 500 million plus online audience is waiting to connect with you for mutual benefit. Think about others who know more than you in a particular skill. A techie. An article marketing expert. A coach who can help you with copywriting since so much business marketing is writing. Network with them. Become an associate, even friend. Open your marketing gates to expand your success. Discover steps to connect, what to say, what to expect, and trades to offer. You don't just make more money, you develop real relationships that make a difference over the long run to your business success. Remember the best marketing is relationship marketing.

    $59.95 for this advanced article marketing no one else knows from the ground up like Judy Cullins. Itís not the usual $295, $179.95 or even $99.95.Judy Cullins, the Real Deal, offers this price to make your decision easy. And with the free bonus reports the value is $97.45.

    Want to buy this printable $59.95 eBook/course now?

    Ways to order

    Buy Explode Target Web Traffic eBook Now!
    Order online securely with your major credit card or Paypal by clicking the tab above.

    2. Call Judy at 619/466-0622 (9-6 PST)

    3. Send check or money order to:

    Judy Cullins
    7000 Melody Lane,
    La Mesa, CA 91942

    Click Here to Get the Discounted Advanced Article Marketing Three Book Special!

    Get Started Now! Enjoy Judy's 100% Guarantee.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee! Read this book and realize you can save thousands of dollars and still win at article marketing. Give the solutions a chance for 60 days and if you aren't totally satisfied, ask for your money back. And keep the book!

    Buy now. And start reading this book in 10 minutes if your order online.

    Author's Note

    When you get the book, skim it a couple of times and read the parts that jump out at you right away -- then go back and read it cover to cover. Try some of the strategies for four months. You'll notice new people contacting you regularly, your sales will expand, and these will encourage you to try some of the other strategies.

    Like me, you want ongoing passive income, you want to take a vacation to a beautiful spot, and you want to feel relaxed, enjoying life.

    Last Encouragement!

    It could take you years to figure out this "success-system" that shows you how to get ready and use the online promotion of submitting articles. You don't have to hunt down resources that steal hours of marketing time from you. It's all here in The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic!

    It's Not Who you Know, It's Who Knows You!

    Get started making your presence on the web well known. No bragging intended, but many large companies seek out my knowledge because my numbers far outscore theirs.

    Whether you buy or not, I'm rooting for your BIG success!

    Judy Cullins

    In service,
    Judy Cullins

    P. S. If you are not quite ready for the book, please check out my two monthly free ezines -
    "The Bookcoach Says" and "Business Tip of the Month."
    (c)2008 Skills Unlimited Publishing.