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Life Skills for You ...

August, 2000 

Welcome to Life Skills For You Newsletter
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  • Do You have Computer Eyes?
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Do You Have Computer Eyes?

Squinting or straining to see your monitor? Have trouble focusing? Have dry, itchy or tired eyes? If so, you have computer eyes.

Improve Your Vision, Reduce Your Prescriptions Without Laser or Other Surgery These Ways:

  1. Get out of your chair every 30 minutes. Take a few minutes to practice a yoga stretch. As you breathe in, raise both hands above your head and close to it, as far as possible. Slowly lower them, reaching out to each side, then move them behind you, clasping your hands. Hold each stretch thirty seconds or so
  2. Rest your eyes. Strained eyes do not see well. Relaxed eyes see well at any distance. Close your eyes, cover them with your palms and practice "palming." Trace vertical figure eights on an imaginary black door for 20 times. Then horizontally 20 times. In two minutes or less, your eyes will see print blacker and more three dimensional.
  3. Redesign your workstation. Never look up at your screen. Your screen should be about 5-10% below your eyes. Use separate kinds of glasses for different purposes. keep your chair at least 24 inches from your eyes. Place your document holder halfway between the screen and the keyboard or to one side of the screen. Make sure your knees are higher than your sit bones. Use a footstool if necessary.

This Month's Special: Let Go of Glasses and Contacts for Life!

Vision Fitness in-a-Box, an all natural approach to improve your vision and relive eye strain: Includes 2 books: Vision Fitness and Protect Yourself from Eye Disease and 60 minute exercise cassette, "Improve Your Vision and Relieve Eye Strain.' $27 plus $4 shipping separately, now $24 including shipping. Save $7.00.

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Upcoming Seminars in La Mesa Senior Center
8450 La Mesa Blvd.--Th 9:30AM-12:30PM
9/7-11/30; TH

Discover and Recover Your Creative Self Based on Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way Take yourself off the back burner and live fully today. Reserve at 619/466-0622 $4 fee.

Upcoming Seminars at Santana Adult Center

9915 No. Magnolia, Santee&emdash;6-9PM
9/6,9/20,9/27 and 10/3; Wed
Beyond Speedreading and Superlearning

Finish those stacks of unread books and magazines and remember what you read. Bring pocket calculator and 5 colored felt-tip pens. $27 plus $10 materials at seminar. Reserve at 619/596-3657/Master Card/Visa.

Upcoming Seminars at Foothills Adult Center
1500 Melody Lane, El Cajon

9/16; Sat
Ten Ways to Supermemory
$20 plus $5 materials at seminar
Reserve at Santana: 619/596-3657

9/16; Sat
Conquer Clutter and Procrastination
$20 plus $5 materials at seminar
Reserve at Santana: 619/596-3657
For more information Call Judy at 619/466-0622

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