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Life Skills for You ...

July/August, 2000

Welcome to "Life Skills For You" Monthly Electronic Newsletter from life and health skills coach Judy Cullins, based in San Diego. Thank you for subscribing and please share it with your friends!

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  • What a Way to Start Your Day!
  • Conquer Your Clutter, Conquer Your Stress
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What a Way to Start Your Day!

Just back from a three-week vacation in Hawaii, I want to share a little of the Aloha spirit with you.

Two disc jockeys for Kapa radio share their -Bright Spot of the Day- every day at 7:45AM. "Take a deep satisfying breath in for a moment, then let it out slowly. Repeat this several times." The coach says, "What a way to keep your day flowing, and what a way to close your day. Aloha.

Conquer Your Clutter, Conquer Your Stress

Did you know you spend over 150 hours a year looking for misplaced paper and things?

It's not the messes that kill us, it's our worry about them! Worry keeps the stress cycle going, and stress is a major link to discomfort and disease.

Procrastination and lack of focus lead to clutter. Our inability to decide what to do and when to do it causes paper chaos. Some of us hate to let go of anything. Got mystery boxes in your storage are? Got spotted, not- your-size clothes in your closet? Hoping polyester will make a comeback?

Are you afraid of completion, criticism, failure, success or discipline? Bored with your project? Fear creates procrastination and worry is a form of fear, both metaphors for stress.

Are you a stacker? A slinger? A spreader? A stuffer? Does your desk top look like an avalanche ready to happen? Is more than one project on it?

Realize only 20% of your paper and things are important. Why organize the 80% clutter? If it's important (the 20%) we need to put them in special places so we can find them again! Keep papers and projects vertical, and alphabetically arranged for quick retrieval. With only one project on your desk, you can focus and finish instead of being distracted by low priority items.

Quick Solutions

  1. Decide fast. Think all decisions are the same. Mistakes are better than the paralysis of perfectionism.
  2. Prioritize. Do your goals and plans first. Then help others.
  3. Focus. Stress causes poor paper placement. In 20% of the time, focused people do 80% of their work.
  4. Bring in less paper. Change your philosophy. Do you really read all of those magazines or catalogues? Meet your junk mail with your round file.
  5. Get a buddy to help you clean out your closet. Try on clothes and be real!
    Your buddy will tell you the truth.

Visit our website for the full article "Conquer Your Clutter, Conquer Your Stress".

Special Offer Good Until August 15

See spaces cleared and organized and feel relaxed and in control. Order the Managing Priorities and Clutter Kit including 2 free bonus reports, How Long to Keep Records and How to Get Organized for only $13 (separately, $16). Master/Visa accepted.

July 25; 7-8:30PM
"The Fats of Life" by JDMumma, health and fitness educator. At Whole Foods Market, 8825 Villa La Jolla Drive. Free.
Reserve: 858-581-2758

Fall 2000
Judy Cullins' Programs

Sept 16; 9AM-12PM "
Ten Ways to Supermemory"

"Conquer Clutter and Procrastination" at Foothills Adult Center, 1500 Melody Lane, El Cajon. $20 plus
$5 each materials.
Reserve: 619/401-4122.

Sept 6, 20, 27, and Oct 4; 6-9PM
"Speedreading and Superlearning"
at Santana Adult Center, 5915 No. Magnolia, Santee. $27 plus $5 materials.
Reserve: 619/596-3657

About the author

Judy Cullins, M.A., has written over 20 self-help books selling over 85,000 copies. Her past 20 years as a teacher, speaker and coach, giving over 100 wellness and Artists Way programs a year, her monthly online column Passion Living for the San Diego Senior News Magazine and ongoing life skills coaching help thousands each year live their lives full on.

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