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Life Skills for You ...

May/June 2000

Welcome to Life Skills for You Newsletter. It will come your way every month as my way of staying in touch with the wonderful people I have met. I'll share articles, tips, quotes and insights to help you manifest a lighter, healthier, more abundant and joyful life and information about outstanding coming events.

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Feel Light, Peaceful and Easy--Be In the Present Moment

Think about your life right now. What situations bother you? Relationships? Money? Aches and Pains? Work? Paperwork? Feeling A Loss?

What would you think if I told you these problems are simply an illusion of the mind? That we are not here to solve problems, but to realize they are only situations? And if we don't dwell on the past or the future, we will release ourselves from all pain and suffering?

Life wasn't meant to be a struggle. Notice how you look at these so called problems:

  1. You can deal with them now. Take action. Make the call. Send the check.
  2. You can just leave them alone. If you shut the door and shut your mind off that messy cluttered room, you can leave it until you deem it's really important. Not all clutter is worth putting our attention on.
  3. You can just accept them as part of life and let go. You can say to yourself, "Isn't that interesting?" rather than attaching to them, keeping yourself stuck. Another question you can ask is, "Will I love myself more and will I be lighter and more peaceful if I think this thought?"

We know that worry (stress), ruminating over the past or anxiety over the future is our number one emotion that causes dis-ease which can translate into any one of the current best selling chronic problems or diseases. We don't want dis-ease, do we? Then, why do we attract that?

One reason is that we were not be taught how to stay in the present moment. Worry and stress are merely habits we've picked up from our past, our parents, our schools, our businesses. If you've ever tried to drop a habit, such as overeating for instance, you'll remember it took a lot of discipline--what I can self-love. Maybe you went on a diet and then you went off it. What you didn't try perhaps is staying in the now.

Eckhart Tolle in his book, The Power of Now, says to try this: "Focus your attention on now and tell me what problem you have at the moment? You just can't have a problem when you are attentive fully on the now." So, now that you know it's beneficial to be present, and harmful to be in the past or future, would you like to know how? Visit our website for the full article: Create Wellness, Clarity, and Peace of Mind Through Seven Ways to Be in the Present Moment.

Quote: "Life is not what you did, it's what you're doing."--Allen Frommie, PhD

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On the Personal Side

Just back from Guadelupe Canyon, Mexico for five days in the sun, tubs, waterfalls and hiking with friends. May 20 I leave for Hawaii for three weeks for more of the same--with snorkeling added! Had you had your vacation this year?

On the Business Side

All coaching sessions are going great and I invite you to my no charge series called Life 101 which kicks off with Conquering Clutter and Procrastination which meets at 8450 La Mesa Blvd. at 9:30AM-12:30PM. A $4 materials fee applies.

About the author: Judy Cullins, M.A. has written over 20 self-help and writing/marketing books selling over 85,000 copies. Her past 20 years as a teacher, speaker and coach, giving over 100 programs a year, her weekly wellness, spiritual and writing seminars and her monthly online column Passion Living for the San Diego Senior News Magazine and a coach serving hundreds each year with expertise in all life areas.

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"Your Success is my Passion"
Coach Judy Cullins, M.A.

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