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a lighter, healthier, more abundant and more joyful life.

November, 2000

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 Create It Your Way

Who me? Creative?


You don't have to be sculptor, painter or writer to be called creative. Creativity is love expressed. Everyone is creative. When you fix that home cooked dinner for a friend, that's creativity. Whenever you share yourself and talents, choose activities you enjoy, or get excited about a project, your are creating.

What Happens When We Don't Create?

When we don't share our love through creating, we may feel any of these: ill, bored, empty, sad, resentful, hostile, frustrated, lost, negative, lost.

Tips to Develop Your Creativity

  1. Be willing to trust again. Try something new. We hide out because we fear others' disapproval. Take yourself out on a mini vacation just for fun, or visit a group like the Artist's Way, or try out a new course at a community or senior adult center.
  2. Intend to create. Instead of saying "Someday I'll take a trip to Ireland," say "I'm taking a trip to Ireland this June." If you are fuzzy about what, when and where, the results will be fuzzy too. desire come true like list making and to do's, you discount. Passive wishing and active claiming bring decidedly different results. True intention is desire without attachment. To have it, we need to let go of doubt, lack of confidence, and attachment to the outcome. Intention means "I can have it. I know it's mine." Leave the how and results to the greater Universal Mind. It gives more than we can imagine.
  3. Brainstorm solutions when you are stuck. We often don't realize options because we have only our limited brain power. One of my students lived downtown and wanted better transportation to my seminars. We posed her challenge to the class.

Some of their solutions: visualize where you want to go, call your destination, get directions how to get here, get public transportation schedules, ask for help&emdash;offer to pay if a friend or acquaintance with drive you, check out shuttle or taxi service&emdash;they are cheaper than owning a car, change your perception&emdash;it's too much money, it's too inconvenient&emdash;look at possibilities, not the downside, see life's miracles in every day, list options and follow up, write what you want on a 3 by 5 card&emdash;post it where you can see it, stop saying "but, I" which signals you are a victim, a last&emdash;buy a car!

Checklist &endash; Are You Creative?

  • You don't let others' opinions stop you from expressing yourself..
  • You can enjoy silence, giving yourself sacred time each day to allow creativity to surface.
  • You connect and enjoy nature, not saving it for vacations, but finding a "beauty spot" to enjoy daily.
  • You allow the spontaneous child to come out to play.
  • You look within for answers where the true, creative you resides.
  • You focus on enjoyment, not results.
  • You let go of excuses like lack of time or money that block creativity
  • You visualize your desire as true, claiming your vision.
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Judy Cullins, M.A., has written over 20 self-help and writing books selling over 85,000 copies. Her past 20 years as a teacher, speaker and coach, giving over 100 Life Skills seminars a year, her past two-year column "Passionate Living" give her the expertise to help make people's lives easier, healthier and fuller.

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