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a lighter, healthier, more abundant and more joyful life.

October, 2000

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Flow With Life Changes

What changes have you experienced lately--a new relationship, an illness, a job change, a death? Change affects all of us because we lose our former sense of security and comfort. When we worry or resist what is happening now, our bodies react. Sometimes it looks like disease. Yet, we know that change is constant, and that our daily life keeps going, and has value.

Staying open for fresh ideas, and creative solutions is natural. You each have the power to accept what life brings now, and to effect substantial change to make your life more passionate.

What are you passionate about? Your work? Your relationships? Your home? Your spiritual path? Finding your passion in life can help you move through changes more easily. When you focus on something full on, the little nuisances, complaints and mishaps slip away.

Remember that all decisions are the same. Twenty years ago I learned this lesson from a cardiologist who shared, 1. "Don't sweat the small stuff." 2. "Everything is small stuff" and 3. "If you can't fight it or flee it, then flow with it."

What You Can Do

  1. 1Stop resisting offers of help. The puritan ethic or hard work and stiff independence is instilled in us, but stops opportunities for closeness and goodness.
  2. Expect the best, but make no expectations or attachments. You stop passion when you put holds on life. And, then life isn't fun either. Affirm, "Today is going to be great. I gladly receive its offerings.
  3. Stop worrying. Most of what we worry about doesn't come true. When you express anxiety about the future you cannot enjoy the pleasure of today. When you ruminate about the past you don't give the present moment a chance to be good. Check and correct each day: Are my thoughts bringing me peace, joy and love?Tell yourself, "It's O.K. for me to have these emotions." My body/mind chiropractor, Dr. Steven Kepics, says that a good self check for any ache or pain is to first breath deeply, then to accept your thoughts.


Thank You

Response to my seminars was overwhelming! My ongoing Artists Way, Creative Writing and How to Write and Sell Your Book have over 30 attendees each. The Ten Ways to SuperMemory and Conquering Clutter and Procrastination had over 75 attending.

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About the Author

Judy Cullins, M.A., has written over 20 self-help and writing books selling over 85,000 copies. Her past 20 years as a teacher, speaker and coach, giving over 100 Life Skills seminars a year, her past two-year column "Passionate Living" give her the expertise to help make people's lives easier, healthier and fuller.

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