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September, 2000

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You Are Worth It! Spend Time and Money on Self Care

Who will make sure you are healthy? Healthy means not just the absence of disease, but the presence of vital energy and enthusiasm--looking forward to each day's events and challenges.

Phil is 85, bright-eyed, and maintains a good diet. His request in our coaching alliance is to be more flexible, have more energy and boost his memory. Although on a "fixed" income, Phil's health is so important to him, he spends his own money beyond what his HMO offers. He uses me as a coach, buys a few supplements, I even saw him in my yoga class!

Defining Self Care

Self care is being selfish, taking time out for just us. It's also self discipline--stopping what hurts us. It's not easy to change--our habits, our attitudes, the way we spend our money, but when you consider the alternative of premature dishealth and not being able to be free of pain and discomfort, it's worth a look.

Self Care is Inconvenient

While self care is inconvenient and will cost extra from your health insurance, the only real guarantee for your health is you! Self responsibility requires an open mind, time for research away from the medical model, money investment, and time to shop for real food rather than processed fast food. Food that doesn't contain hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. It takes awareness, discipline and action to let go of or be moderate in all that doesn't serve health. That may be coke, coffee, junk food, aspirin, alcohol, antidepressants, antacids. While the hormone/antibiotic-free meat I eat is a bit extra, and the raw cheese with enzymes is harder to find, I follow my health philosophy, "You can either pay on the front end, investing in healthy ways, or you can pay at the back end for a care-giving situation that extracts too much from your family's resources, or puts you in a resthomes at up to $40,000 a year.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend for Health?

Many of us are reluctant to hire holistic health providers, buy only fresh, organic produce, subscribe to holistic/prevention magazines or buy minerals and vitamins not covered by our HMO. Yet, as a health and personal growth coach, author and teacher of self- help and health information for 20 years, I know my health shot upward when I left prescription drugs two decades ago, and began a multi-faceted prevention and holistic approach.

I feel that what I spend money on is a necessity, not a luxury. I urge my students and clients to invest $50-$100 or so each month to treat the causes of discomforts, not just the symptoms. I spend a lot: $25 a month on my body-mind chiropractor, $90 a month on deep tissue massage, $40 for Green Magic food enzymes, $15 magnesium-aspartate, $5 kelp, $10 natural C made from acerola, $10 beet juice extract, $15 cereal greens and $15 for Drenamin to boost my adrenals. I have stopped most synthetic supplements, most of which pass through the body, unused. So, I spend almost $230 on top of all enzyme rich, organic, hormone and antibiotic-free food. "I'm worth it!"

The Pay Off?

Once you decide to have a healthy immune system, you won't have a cold or virus for years. Your energy will soar so high, you'll leap out of bed saying, "What's next?" You'll lose fat and gain muscle strength to carry all of your grocery bags out yourself. You'll reach out to learn new things and develop new friendships. You'll have the energy to travel wherever you like. You'll replace the feeling of overwhelm and fatigue with feeling you are worth it, that your investment will pay off.


About the Author

Judy Cullins, M.A., has written over 20 self-help and writing/marketing books selling over 85,000 copies. Her 20 years as a teacher, speaker and coach, giving over 100 programs a year, her weekly wellness/personal growth and writing seminars and her monthly online column "Passionate Living" at give her the expertise to help make clients' lives easier, healthier, and fuller.

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