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Welcome to
The Book Coach Says ...

August, 2000

Writing/Publishing/Promoting Your Books


In This Issue

  • Promote Your Web Site With Reciprocal Links
  • Opportunities
  • Upcoming Seminars
  • Winner!
  • Special Offer
Promote Your Web Site With Reciprocal Links


  • Links are completely free
  • Your target audience and you benefit
  • They bring new traffic to your site
  • Links imply endorsement


  • Create a separate links page
  • Don't put links on home page. You want people to visit your site first.

Who to link?

Search for web sites reaching customers you want. Find sites that provide information and resources your target market is interested in and offers products/services that complement yours.

Making the Link

Email the webmaster. Ask if he is interested in exchanging links. Use search engines and search for Web sites by using key words related to your site. Check out Web directories. Go to Link Exchange at or Link-O-Matic, a directory of Web sites looking for reciprocal linking.

Writing the request

Dear Potential Link Partner:

I visited your site and like what you offer. My visitors will like your information. I am well known in the San Diego area with 20 years' book coaching and have authored over 25 self-help books and reports. Ten clients published with me in 1999. Would you like to share any of my free articles such as Seven Reasons to Write a Book, Titles Sell Books, and How To Write A Power Press Release. You get free content and increased credibility.

To make it easier for you, here is the suggested copy for my link at your site:

Judy Cullins, M.A. of provides free fast-book writing, publishing and marketing articles. Ten clients published in 1999. Free monthly ezine "The Book Coach Says..." at [email protected]

Special Offer&emdash;Good to September 4, 2000.

Need to send news releases for your group, your seminars or your book?

Free Publicity is worth seven times as much as advertising.

When the San Diego Union News put in an 8 by 11 feature story on me on Sunday, the same space for advertising would have cost $5000.

My special this month&emdash;Get my Publicity kit with 3 reports and 2 free bonus reports for $20 plus $4 shipping. Benefits: -Get your PR chosen by editor.-Portray yourself as expert.-Save money with ongoing free publicity.

Go to Click Write Like A Pro Coaching. Click Media Publicity Kit with 5 reports including 40 San Diego County Newspaper editors, names, email, and fax numbers and 7 major writer/publishing groups. Separately $27 including shipping. Now only $24 including shipping, order toll free 888/306-4537, or email credit information on my secure web site.


Don't have your Web site yet? I recommend Leva Duell, Five Star Web Design. Visit Ask her for your special rate. Call (760) 944-7970 or email [email protected]


Contact the quick-start list of sites you need to know to get your work done quickly and easily at You'll want to definitely bookmark this site!

Need a speaker for your organization? I speak on Book Coaching, Book Writing--What To Do Before Writing Chapter One, Book Selling--Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Sell More Books Than You Ever Dreamed of.


Win $125 Free Self Help Books and Coaching Session

Go to my Web site at Click Write Like A Pro. Then read Write A Power Press Release&emdash;The Least Expensive and Most Productive Strategy for Free Publicity! Name your event or book and submit your winning headline for your PR to [email protected] and leave your return email address. Contest is over October 1, 2000.

Winner! of Best book "Tell and Sell" is Carol A Johnson.

Sex and Sales: How Gender Affects Business Success gives women business-owners honest tips for increasing their income by stealing men's habits. Congratulations Carol!

Upcoming Seminars at 8450 La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa

Reserve at 619/466-0622 or [email protected]
9/5 to 11/28; T 1:15-4:15
Write and Sell Your Book Fast
$4 materials

9/7 to 11/16; TH 1:15-4:15
Creative Writing
$4 materials

10/17 ; T 1:15-3:00
Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Sell Books
$5 materials

Upcoming Seminars at Santana Adult Center
9915 No Magnolia, Santee

9/6, 9/20, 9/27, 10/4: WED
6-9PM. Reserve at 619/596-3657
$27 plus $10 materials.

Special Event Sponsored by SD Publishers' Alliance
Reserve at 619/299-6774 or [email protected]

9/13; W 6:30-9:30
Dan Poynter's The New Book Model
E-publishing/Print on Deman

$35 before Sept 1, $40 after Sept 1


About the Author

Judy Cullins, M.A. has written and sold over 20 self-help and writing books. Her 20 years of experience as a teacher, speaker, coach, and monthly online column Passionate Living for the San Diego Senior News Magazine ( give Judy the expertise to help writers with their next step in book writing, publishing, or promoting..

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"Any Journey Is Easier With A Partner…"
Ten Coaching Clients Published with me in 1999!


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