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The Book Coach Says ...

July, 2000


Welcome to The Book Coach Says. . . Writing/Publishing/Promoting Your Books and Related Products Electronic Newsletter. It will come your way each month as my way of staying in touch. It brings how-to articles, tips, quotes, frequently asked questions and information about upcoming events.

In This Issue

  • Sell More Books with Networking
  • Upcoming Seminars/San Diego
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  • Upcoming Seminars
  • Special Offer
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Sell More Books With Networking

Networking works! It's natural, easy, friendly, and brings continuous business and profits. Whether you want to sell your book to people in a group, individuals, agents, publishers, bookstores, or librarians, you need to deliver your message in catchy "sound bytes" with benefits galore and why they should buy your gem instead of someone else's.

The 30 Second Tell and Sell Approach

Start with the title, your audience, two or three benefits.

My example: Want more passion? Passion At Any Age defies depression. Like chocolate kisses, it brings readers enthusiasm, vibrant health and more love than they ever dreamed of. If you liked the Artist's Way, you'll love Passion.

If you have more time, continue to tell: The best thing about my book, product are. . . (in ten words or less)

My example: Passion's practical and spiritual how to's bring you Jane Fonda's energy, Deepak Chopra's prosperity and the Dali Lama's love and wisdom.

Networking Do's and Don'ts

Talk to people everywhere. In your dentist office, to the staff in store, your neighbors, your postal carrier. On vacation in Hawaii, Bill Quesnell, author of Minerals: The Essential Link to Health, sold books while shopping!

Draw the other person out with questions. Find out their interests, and what they are passionate about before you "pitch." Make them comfortable. Be a giver, not a taker.

Stay in touch with interesting people you meet. Always exchange cards, email and web addresses. It takes two to make a connection.

Coming Next Issue Networking through Linking Web sites.


When is the best time you should write your book's tell and sell? The first 10 correct responders will receive by email the full special report "Sell More Books With Networking."

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Upcoming Seminars in San Diego

July 11

Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Sell More Books Than You Ever Dreamed of.
Meets at 8450 La Mesa Blvd. from 1:00-3:00PM. $5 materials. Just show up or call me at 619/466-0622.

June 20-July 25 and Sept. 5-Nov. 21

How to Write Your Book Fast. Meets at 8450 La Mesa Blvd. from 1:15-4:15PM. $4 materials. Ongoing free editing, fast-forward technique to write chapters, publishing and marketing help. Just show up or call me at 619/466-0622.

July 10

How to Speak Like A Pro Teleclass 4-5PM. Contact Sandra Schrift at 619/688-9467 to receive the bridge line to this free event. Speakers University teleclasses. Contact

Special Offer (order by August 15, 2000)

Want to write faster and sell more? Try book coaching. Ten clients published with me in 1999. Special July/August offer is $60 for one 40 minute session. Must be booked and prepaid by July 8. Master/Visa accepted. See my article about how I work on my Web site

About the Author

Judy Cullins, M.A. has written and sold over 20 self-help and writing books. Her 20 years of experience as a teacher, speaker, coach, and monthly online column Passionate Living for the San Diego Senior News Magazine ( give Judy the expertise to help writers with their next step in book writing, publishing, or promoting..

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Nine Coaching Clients Published with me in 1999!

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