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The Book Coach Says ...

May/June 2000


Welcome to The Book Coach Says…Writing/Publishing/Promoting Your Books and Related Products Email Newsletter. It will come your way each month as my way of staying in touch with you. It brings how to articles, tips, quotes, frequently asked questions (please email them to [email protected]), and information on upcoming events.

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Do You Really Want to Write a Book?

Wonder if you really can write a book? A book that carries your unique message you want the world to know? A book that sustains your interest for several years? A book that returns ten-fold the time, money and love you put into it?

When San Diego Gas and Electric hired me to teach speedreading to their executive secretaries, I knew I had to produce a book for them. Ten years teaching speedreading and much research helped. I didn't have a computer, but since they hired me and paid a healthy sum, and gave me a deadline I got busy and wrote my first book Beyond Speedreading. I followed advice from a marketing wizard who said, "do what you do best and hire the rest." I then hired a woman to input my book and hired a printer. It's still a strong seller today. I even wrote three memory books without Dan Poynter, best-selling author of The Self-Publishing Manual. I'd probably be a millionaire if I had read his book first, although I did sell 85,000 copies of my 20 plus self-help and writing books. If these books hadn't sold well I had the adventure of being completely engaged in my life purpose of helping people live a life of passion! Writing a book is always a win-win!

On Marketing: Use the Internet.

Contact related, professional and recognized sites and offer to include one of their articles or tips in your E-newsletter or on your site. Think of the multiple exposures your name and site will get!

On Promotion

Read your local newspaper&emdash;get lists of all the editors and reviewers, their fax, phone and email. Call them up with your human interest, dramatic, or newsy story that relates to your title. Compliment the reporter's or editor's recent story. Everyone enjoys positive feedback. See offer below.

FAQ: How do I know my Book will be significant?

You can test your book's significance by asking: Is it relevant? Does it present useful information? Does it have the potential to positively affect people's lives? Is it lively, humorous? Does it help answer important questions? Does it create a deeper understanding of human nature? It takes only two significances to write a book, three for a best-seller. So be inspired and start writing that book. Please send your questions (FAQ) to [email protected]

Special Offer (order by July 15, 2000)

On the Personal

I will take three weeks to enjoy myself in the Big Island from May 20-June 15. I'll bring that peace and new perspective to my next book, Passion At Any Age.

Business Side

All coaching sessions are going well and I invite you to my web to find out more how book coaching works. Also please attend these free seminars at La Mesa Senior Center, 8450 La Mesa Blvd. How to Write and Sell your Book Fast. Free weekly editing! $4 for all 6 weeks. June 20-July 25 1:15PM-4:15PM. Seven Sure Fire Ways to Sell More Books Than You Ever Dreamed Of on July 11 1:15PM-4:15PM.

Special Offer (Order by June 15, 2000)

Media Publicity Kit with San Diego major dailies, weeklies, and monthlies (value $15) plus Media Kits&emdash;What They Can Do For Your Book (value $5), and The Power Press Release (value $5). Total kit is only $20 including two special bonus reports. Order on my Web site:

About the Author

Judy has coached thousand of adults and authored 20 self-help books. She delivers over 70 writing seminars a year and writes a monthly column and monthly e-zine, The Book Coach Says. Ten clients published in 1999!

Copyright 2000. This content may be forwarded in full with author's name and contact numbers.

"Any Journey Is Easier With A Partner…"

Nine Coaching Clients Published with me in 1999!

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