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November, 2000

Welcome to The Book Coach Says…

Writing/Publishing/Promoting Your Books
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  • What Makes One Book Out Sell Another?
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What Makes One Book Outsell Another?
  1. Non-fiction books are 90% of total book sales. It makes sense to write and market non-fiction first. You can use your profits to partially finance a fiction project.
  2. Mini books in any format, like eBooks, booklets, guides or special reports are faster, easier, and cheaper to write than full length books of 100-300 pages. The can be as short as five pages (special reports), to eBooks that can be 5-120pages (even longer)..
  3. Women buy far more books than men, about 75%. If your message benefits women, you'll do well in sales. If it's a book your audience needs, it will sell more. It's best to see the need and fill it rather than have an idea&emdash;then look for an audience.
  4. Image is almost everything. Choose your title with care. Your front cover and title have around four seconds to impress your potential buyer. Be clear, use metaphor and make sure your visuals connect to your title. . Elicit an emotion by your title words (preferably 5-7 words). What solutions and results does your book promise? Go directly to my Web site and click Write Like A Pro to read Titles Sell Books.
  5. Expand your book into a series. Think of the huge success of the Chicken Soup Series. They have one cover for all the titles. The latest count is 12 million. Think of spin-off products that relate to your book. Some people prefer to learn by listening so the cassette or CD-ROM. I recently bought a serial eBook and loved getting two chapters a week&emdash;so easy to digest. These formats can actually help you sell more books. Other spin-offs include coaching, consulting, speaking, seminars, columns, or videos.
  6. Impress your potential buyer within eight seconds with your back cover copy. At the top put your headliner. It must hook your readers, stir up their emotions, hit their desire. What benefits does your book offer? How to get more money, heart-centered relationships, more fame, more health? Include from 3-5 bullets of benefits, what your book promises its readers.
  7. Create your written marketing plan before you finish chapter one. This plan covers your first year's launch period and lifetime plan. You'll want to market at least one year. Inexperienced authors wait until publication and lose a great deal of sales. Your plan could include how many books you want to sell, your 30 second tell and sell, book reviews, news releases, the articles to market your book, the book signings, talks, electronic newsletters, and a book Web site. Without a written plan, an author creates vague results. Want help? Go to How to Write and Sell Your Book Fast Kit under products on my Web site.
  8. Put as much time into marketing as you did the writing of your book. Your goal is to have people read and learn from your unique message. Why plant a garden if you don't harvest it? John Kremer, book marketing guru, and author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Book, says to do five things each day. Five calls, five press releases, five web contacts or a combination of tasks.
  9. Include web marketing to sell more books. While you can sell your books on other peoples site, you eventually will want your own. An author without a Web site is like a person without a name. Your site can contain book reviews, testimonials, excerpts and discussion boards. I recommend created by Leva Duell of Carlsbad, California. This site is full of tips, free articles to help you create an irresistible Web site that keeps buyers coming back.
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About the author

Judy Cullins, M.A. has written over 20 self-help and writing/marketing books and special reports selling over 85,000 copies. Her experience over the past 20 years includes speaking and book coaching, giving over 80 writing and book marketing seminars a year, and producing 10 published clients in 1999.

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